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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Vicki says:

    Looks like a great newsletter to add to my food/canning category!

  2. Just signed up for your news letter, thanks.

  3. Bronwyn says:

    I’m happy I found this site! Looking forward to the newsletters!

  4. Pat Meyers says:

    I’m so excited to start getting your newsletter! Thanks!

  5. Leta says:

    I love to put food in jars because it reminds me of my childhood days; and I am excited to sign up for your newsletter!

  6. B says:

    I cannot believe I did not find this website sooner! I am so happy to be receiving the FSC Newsletter! Thank you, FSC for your passion, committment, and innovation!

  7. I’m so happy I finally found a somewhat local food swap. Really looking forward to making some wonderful products and sharing.

  8. rambrosino3 says:

    looking forward to getting back to food swaps in november. how i’ve missed you! PLUS, my cousin in law has been attending with his fabulous cheese. more incentive. congrats on all your new connections. you are an inspiration, finding a way to marry your passion and your job.

  9. kscatskill says:

    I just read of your project in Sunday’s Daily Gazette. Interesting work!

  10. Sam Miller says:

    Enjoyed my first swap with your club tonight! Thank you so much for a great experience…especially the patient , kind lady who makes doggie biscuits ( sorry, great with faces, names…not so much). Hope to figure out when the december swap is!

  11. Barb says:

    Found your site while looking for information on water kefir which I recently started making. I was born in Schenectady! Now living in Florida but sure miss it up north!!

    1. Christina says:

      Welcome to FSC Barb!

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