Most Read Posts (Mostly DIY)

Interested to read through our most read posts of 2011?
Many of them are wonderful DIY Projects, and a good place to start if you’r new to the site. Enjoy! -Christina, Editor & Founder


1. January 12, 2011: {New Year} Projects to Keep Me On My Toes. I will be reflecting on this post in my 2012 New Years ramblings in a couple of weeks…

2. July 19, 2011: Dianna’s {Community Sharecropping} July is for Garlic Harvest. This is still popular, especially on Pinterest.

3. November 18, 2011: {From Scratch Holidays} maple, citrus & ginger cranberry preserves by me.

Cover of our Ebook!


1. Our Ebook: From Scratch Holidays by the FSC Team (Thank you so much!)

2. Cold & Flu Season w/ Fire Cider by Britin

3. {edible gift} Homemade Chai Concentrate by Christine

4. {DIY Apple Cider} From Tree to Tummy by Deanna

5. {from scratch holidays} DIY Natural Food Coloring by Becky

6. {drink it up} Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey Refresher by Deanna

7. {free printables} Holiday Gift & Canning Labels by Christine

8. {No crust} Apple Pie by Christine

9. {fundraiser} For the Farms: Denison Farm & Kilpatrick Family Farm by the FSC Team

10. {edible gift} Homemade Irish Cream by Britin

11. {how to} Cold Storage 101 by Deanna

12. {Paneer} Simple Frying Cheese by Dianna

13. {from scratch holidays} Scrub-A-Dub-Dub by Erika

14. {St. Patricks Day} Corned Beef & Cabbage by me

15. {sprouting} growing food in small spaces by Christine

16. {recipe} Butternut Squash Muffins by Jillian

17. {In a Pickle} The Asthetic Charm of Eggs Pickled with Beets by Alexis

18. {Valentine’s Day} Host a Cupcake Decorating Party by Amanda

19. {FSC Swappers} Swap Fever by Albany Swapper Leah

20. {edible gifts} DIY Coffee Creamer by Heather

21. {St. Patricks Day} Boxty on the Griddle by Dianna

22. {Locavore Challenge} a locavore’s guide to booze by Deanna

23. {Dispatch} from a small kitchen by Christine

24. {Pantry Staple} Perfect Homemade Sandwich Bread by Liz

25. {Simple} Homemade Yogurt Cheese by Dianna

26.{reflections of a daughter} DIY Coffee Roasting by Heather

27. {In Season} Hakurei Turnips by Jillian

28. {soup swap} Chickpea Miso Soup by me

29. {DIY Backyard Chickens} for the love of one good egg by Liz

30. {community sharecropping} How to Braid Garlic by Dianna

and for good measure: {How To} Tap Your Own Maple Syrup by Dianna.

Lastly, our most popular permanent pages are: {FSC Swappers} Food Swaps, {FSC Swappers} Albany, and {Who We Are}.


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