{fancy food club} We’re Bringing Fancy Back

A side view of the crepe stack, with a micro green salad.
A side view of the crepe stack, with a micro green salad.

Awhile back I wrote a piece about our Fancy Food Club. Since the other three couples in our club were Navy families, they have since moved from the area. This just left Chris and I and we certainly weren’t prepared to give up FFC.

So, here’s a quick recap of what it is: a group of 4 couples who meet about every five weeks and a different couple hosts each time. The hosting couple can make whatever they deem to be “fancy,” but it must be kept secret until the guests arrive. There are usually three courses and some basic snacky items to enjoy while guests arrive.

It had been months since we got together for one of these nights. Since we were the ones rebooting the club we said we’d host first. So a few weekends ago we got out the cookbooks, made a menu, and got cookin’!

The crepes, just out of the oven.
The crepes, just out of the oven.

We more or less always base our menu around something French, often Julia Child. This time we made Gâteau De Crêpes, which is basically just a fancy name for a big ol’ stack of crepes filled with deliciousness. We decided to do alternating layers of steamed, chopped spinach and sauteed mushrooms in a Swiss cheese/cream sauce with a small amount of cooking sherry.

The crepes were actually very easy. You make them all and then layer them up. We took the rest of the cheesy sauce and poured it over the top. You can actually make all of the ingredients for this ahead of time, and then pop the whole thing in the oven to warm while you are enjoying your first course.

prepping the crepe filling
prepping the crepe filling

The snacky items we had on hand when the guests arrived were an olive medley, bleu, brie, and goat cheeses, and some ridiculously good jams. I had run out of everything I put up from last summer so I checked out the farmer’s market. I got roasted onion and garlic (wow, amazing!) and an elderberry jelly.

our pre-dinner snacks
our pre-dinner snacks

For our first course we made pizza with home-cured duck breast prosciutto (it’s actually a lot easier than it seems) and instead of sauce we put down a layer of my friend Celia’s vanilla fig jam. I brought this jam back home in my travel backpack from Virginia when I went to go visit Polyface Farm. It was so good and got rave reviews by all.

Home-cured duck breast prosciutto
Home-cured duck breast prosciutto

For dessert we made ice cream with chocolate mint from my backyard and strawberries from Kilpatrick Family Farm. Also, much easier than it seems.

It was really nice having people over and making good food for them. Chris and I really enjoy having dinner parties and it’s nice to have a reason to cook up things you wouldn’t normally.

Do you have a group of friends who like to cook?
Do you think you could start your own Fancy Food Club? I highly recommend it!


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  1. I really, REALLY want to start one of these cooking/supper/fancy food clubs!! Did I mention I REEEALLY want to start one? 😉 I wish my friends were more into this, though. I mentioned DIY sushi once and they thought I was crazy, lol. Oh, well…………..

  2. Donna Cowden says:

    How fun! Your post has left my palate craving all of these wonderful creations…

  3. Duck breast prosciutto?! This is my first time seen it! How wonderful!

  4. maria says:

    Wow! Fancy indeed. Sounds like an ultra fantastic evening….

  5. Okay first off that you went and visited Polyface Farms gets you HUGE props. LOL – Gotta love Joel and his family for speaking out about their life and what is just plain ‘ol right.

    Thank you for sharing your club idea. I think we are going to have to try and do our own version here in CFL. If you ever get down this way – shoot me a line. 😉

    The food looks amazing. can’t wait to play with this. I have a fig tree waiting to be put in the ground, but got my 1st fig a week or so ago. It was delicious!

    Thanks again for inspiration and fun.
    SPiCEY momma

  6. Reblogged this on S.P.i.C.E. Florida and commented:
    Love what I’m seeing from the folks at “From Scratch Club”. Sustaining food connections and teaching our kiddos about it is right up SPiCE’s alley. Check out the stacked crepes and fig jam. MAN – it’s making me hungry!

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