{Craft} Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers

Happy Summer Everyone! Lauren Brown here with my recent crafty obsession … I’m excited to be back on FSC after a long tax season!!!

Hand-stamped, Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers.

A mouthful, I know.


This year marks our second year of having a home and therefore a home garden. Our garden has evolved from 1 big 5×20 garden bed, a rhubarb plant, and 4 dwarf apple trees into the makings of something truly magical with the addition of 1 more big bed, 1 pear tree, 1 peach tree, 4 european plums, 3 red currants, 2 gooseberry bushes, 10 blueberry bushes, 12 raspberry bushes, a strawberry patch, a crap-load of rhubarb, and loads of herbs and other edibles floating around the landscape.

We absolutely love having all of the new plants growing around the garden and have been brainstorming different ways to artfully label each one. Naturally, I am attracted to pretty copper tags that cost about $7/ea, which are obviously wayyyy out of my price range. I devised a way to label each plant for minimal cost (about $1.50/each), effort, and dent in the environment.

This project involves hand-stamping some thrifted antique silverware with different plant names using steel stamps from a hardware store.


NOTE –> See the attached PDF for the detailed project instructions No. 106 Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers

Step 1: Acquire some old silverware from your utensil drawer, grandmother’s basement, or local thrift shop or estate sale. (FYI I think that older silver-plated silverware works the best, the new stuff won’t work at all).


Step 2: Flatten the crap out of your silverware with a hammer or mallet; I liked using a mallet first against a hard surface like concrete garage floor or an anvil, and then using a hammer wherever the mallet wasn’t strong enough. Beware though, a hammer might leave some dings!


Step 3: Hand-stamp the silverware using the steel stamps and a little help from your trusty hammer. Some things to consider when planning out your plant names are whether you want only the plant variety on the silverware, as opposed to the entire fruit or vegetable type. For example, many of you know what pepper plants look like, so you might only want to label the plant “Hungarian Hot” rather than “Pepper” or “Hungarian Hot Pepper”, especially if you have several different types of pepper plants.


Step 4: Give your new plant name some instant patina by highlighting your letters using black permanent marker pen.


Step 5: Skip out to the garden and stick these pretties in the ground. I am particularly obsessed with cilantro and parsley.


I hope you enjoyed the project, let me know if you have any questions and be sure to send me pictures of your completed projects!!!

NOTE –> See the attached PDF for the detailed project instructions No. 106 Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers


One Comment Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    oh i love this!! i want to run out and buy a stamp set and do this myself! they look amazing….

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