{giveaway winner} Put em UP! Fruit


We had 96 amazing answers to our request to tell us about your love for fruit: in jam, as soda syrup base, poached in wine, used on meat, in a salad, etc… A comment won someone a copy of Sherri Brooks Vinton’s newest book, Put ’em Up! Fruit.

First up, some amazingly personal & thoughtful comments:

TerrySince I love fresh fruit and buy too much, since it is so beautiful at the farmer’s market, I can use some new ideas about what to do with extra (never excess) other than freeze it.
jenn: I have canned my whole life. With my Momma, my Grandma, my Memma and various Aunties. It is just how I moved through the world. I cannot imagine a summer season without a water bath canner, some salt , sugar and everything I have grown from seed or tree!
Jess P: My favorite way to preserve fruit is butter. I love all sorts of fruit butters and can’t wait until I can sink my teeth into a warm scratch biscuit with delicious satiny butter smeared all over it.
Marianne: This is my newest endeavor – wish me luck!
Jean Kennedy: I too have canned since I was small mostly watching at first then given small tasks and gradually larger over time. Now I can enormous amounts of food all year long. I am still learning and still reading books on how to do better!
Judy K: For the past couple years I have been revisiting my childhood memories of canning with my family…it has been a wonderful experience re-learning the craft of canning…but not so wonderful trying to grow things (I am not so good at that yet)
Deborah BWhat’s not to love about fresh fruit, especially fruit picked in my own back yard? Every year I add a new fruit to my garden. I started with an ancient pear tree and two decades old blueberry bushes. I’ve added rhubarb, peaches, nectarines, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, quince, plums and apples. In the beginning the yields are small, but each year there’s more and I’m looking forward to learning to preserve them all.
Amy EllisI love fruit in so many places.. right now I love fruit on pork… Apricot jam or pear glaze, apple cabbage relish (oh I just did this on a pork roast, NOM) or just a hint of straight up apples… Pork and fruits were meant for each other.

Though my daughter would contest, she’s found my new love of canning to bring her joy in the form of fresh jams for her school sammiches.

I need this book, I want this book! The decision day is the day before my birthday so let the fates bring me this ever lovin’ book (which is already on my wishlist in case I don’t win it)

VeronicaI have a great granddaughter, and we cook together. I would love to be able to pass my love of cooking and this wonderful book on to her
Veronica Hathaway: I wish I’d been prepared for canning last year when I ended up with what seemed like millions of tomatillos from the “eggplant” seedlings my grandmother gave me! I’m preparing this year though and will enlist my daughter to assist with it. Hopefully with fewer tomatillos. =P
Kate H: I grew up with a Grandma who made jam, always thinking that store bought was so exotic and special. Now that I’m a grownup I know it’s the other way around. My favorite thing about fruit jams is popping open a jar of jam in February and it immediately takes me back to summer.
Ona: Pick me! Pick me! I know how you blogged about he first book and it’s been on my list to purchase for years. Because of FSC I have been putting ‘em up for almost three years – thanks for the inspiration and these fun giveaways.
Abigail: I’ve only recently fallen in love with canning,but so far it has been amazing! my husband loves marmalade so my first batch was Grapefruit marmalade, then strawberry lemon marmalade, yum! it has been so fun! I used to occasionally made soda syrups too, but frankly it got a bit too expensive and wasteful to always be buying bottles of fizzy water, so this is a great and fun way to use fruit that we get from the pick your own farms.
Alice FanningJust learned to can fruits and veggie 2 years ago! Hoping to curb costs for our large family as we try to catch the foods in season with good deals and can strategically to make the best of the opportunities as they come year round. We have few recipes and are looking to expand canned products…The book Put ‘Em UP looks very promising. Hoping to find it at a good price online…winning a copy would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing a good product.
Penny TwitchellSince I was a young child I have always loved fruit. In the past several years I have started making canned jams and crock pot butters. I also freeze fruit for smoothies. My absolute favorite is a recipe I have for strawberry freezer jam. Since you do not cook the strawberries and use very little sugar, it’s like opening up summer and sunshine anytime of the year. It’s fabulous. I am always looking for new recipes and expanding my knowledge and comfort base with new fruits, butters and techniques.

And the winner of one copy of Sherri Brooks Vinton’s newest book, Put ’em Up! Fruit is comment #16:

Donna Jenkins
April 22, 2013 at 10:34 pm

“My favorite way to eat fruit is picked straight from my local “pick-your-own” farms – delicious! I would love to win this book and learn how to save my in season pickings to enjoy during our looong winters!”

Congrats Donna!!!!!  Please email me your address at: fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com and Storey Publishing will ship you the book directly!


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