{FSC Book Club} Meeting 2 Recap-Quinoa & Spelt

FSC book club

We read, we cook, we chat.
That is the FSC Book Club.

Quinoa! It’s the superfood that’s all the rage these days and we tackled it using the delicious recipes from Whole Grains for a New Generation. We also took a look at the spelt recipes in the book to round out our second “meeting” of this round of the FSC Book Club. When we assigned quinoa to the group, I silently wondered whether anyone would bring up the social justice and fair trade issues around this particular grain. Well, because our club is not only fun but incredibly thoughtful and intelligent, a really good, civil conversation sprung up around that exact issue. Join in and head over to Goodreads to weigh in.

Here’s a recap of {Meeting 2}: Quinoa and Spelt:

quinoa_squash_sausage book club

butternut quinoa book club

butternut squash quinoa amy book club

butternut quinoa meg book club

quinoa with squash book club

The Roasted Butternut Squash with Quinoa and Sausage recipe was a real hit. Julianne from Kitchen Ninja made it (picture #1 above and talked about more here) Kathleen, Sarah, Robin, Jeni (picture #2 above) and Amy (picture #3 above) made it. Corrina and Meg (picture #4 above) made the dish with homemade seitan sausages. I joined the crowd and made it too (picture #5 above & blogged here).


caraway-sage spelt pizza dough book club

Caraway-Sage Spelt Pizza Dough (inspired by the breadstick recipe) by Amy.


spiced salmon with quinoa book club

Spiced Salmon with Quinoa and Orange Reduction by Sarah K.


Pan Seared Salmon book club

Roasted Venison on Coconut Quinoa (adapted from Pan Seared Salmon recipe) by Tina J.


quinoa breakfast porridge book club

The Quinoa breakfast porridge was another crowd favorite. Kathleen, Elsa and Meg made it (Meg’s is pictured above, with at her blog) and Tamara thought about making it too.


chickpea crepes book club

Chickpea-Flour Crepes with Quinoa, Melted Peppers (sans Goat Cheese) by Celia.


Your assignments for Meeting 3 are posted over at Goodreads! For the next two weeks, we’ll be cooking with oats and farro.

goodreads book club screenshot

If you aren’t a member, sign up for a free account at Goodreads, Follow @FSCBookClub on Twitter and “Like” From Scratch Club on Facebook too. Be sure to use the hashtag #FSCBookClub on Twitter & Instagram so we can see your updates. Questions? Check out our Book Club FAQs right here. If you still have questions, leave a comment or post it on the GoodReads forum.


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