{FSC Time Machine} DIY Valentine Hijinx

Hearts I say that ALL home cooking is a way to someone’s heart but if you want to focus on sweets & treats,
here’s a couple recipes to inspire! -Christina


Elizabeth’s step by step guide on baking cut-out cookies.

Finished Chocolate

If you missed yesterday’s piece by Becky H’s on DIY Chocolate Bars- get to it!

Becky K has DIY Conversation Hearts –> how cool is this?

Pepper Heart

Britin wrote a touching piece about food & love for last year’s Valentine Week (recipe for chocolate cake included).

ELMO cupcakes

Back in 2011, Amanda shared her cupcake-decorating themed Valentine Party for the kiddos!

Dessert Pizza 6
Deanna’s Dessert Pizza? Sounds good to me!

A pirate cake
A pirate cake

Dianna shares her yellow cake recipe and tips & tricks for baking & frosting it!

Becky shares her natural food coloring recipe.

OMEGA heart

For more ‘sweets & treats’ recipes, see our 2012 recipe recaps:

Sweets & Treats Part 1: Food Allergy Friendly
Sweets & Treats Part 2: Nuts, Milk, Gluten, Oh my!


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