{FSC Time Machine} Sweets & Treats Part 1

We seriously like our sweets and our treats.

While putting together this ‘best of 2012’ post, I quickly realize that we have A LOT of sweets & treats recipes which screamed for multiple installments.

While on said FSC Time Machine, I proudly saw that we have MANY, MANY food allergy friendly sweets & treats recipes (thank you Becky, Elizabeth, Leah & Gina for most of these recipes!), so we’ll start with those. 

Tomorrow will have more goodies chock full or milk and wheat and nuts… so unbuckle your belt, drink some cleansing juices, eat a few kale salads and take a few spinning classes, so you won’t feel so bad when you get to making these recipes!


Magic Shell

Leah’s Magic Shell

Becky’s Sour Cherry Sorbet


Becky H’s Candied Pumpkin

Becky’s Gluten & Dairy Free Strawberry Lemonade Muffins


Elizabeth’s Allergy-Friend & Gluten-Free Crispy Treat Pops

Becky’s Gluten & Dairy-Free Brownie Swirl Cheesecake

Betsy’s Candied Grapefruit Peels & Grapefruit Syrup


Gina’s Serious Business Chocolate Gelato

Becky’s Gluten & Dairy-Free S’mores Muffins

Becky’s Gluten & Dairy-Free Soft Double Chocolate Cookies

Becky’s DIY Natural Food Coloring

Becky’s Gluten & Dairy Free Graham Crackers


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  1. Look Away – craving the sweets now – YUMMERS!!! Happy Friday:)

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