{FSC Time Machine} podcasting in 2012

In 2012, we started the FSC Podcast, a dream of mine since FSC began. Christine made it a reality. I handed her a ‘podcasting’ audio kit that I had received for Christmas in 2010 and off she went; researching music, testing-testing-testing the microphones, Garageband’s ins & outs and finding interviewing programs. She was pumped and ready to wear the Producer Hat, so we jumped in with both feet!


A year later, I can say without hesitations, that the podcast has become one of the most fulfilling, yet complicated & time consuming FSC Project (little did Christine & I realize how much time is needed to create each podcast: scheduling, interviewing, recording intros and editing). I feel that a podcast is an important platform where by we can reach a whole new audience, who don’t read blogs or attend food swaps, and peak the interest our already devoted & supportive blog readership on a broader set of topics that we don’t cover here on the blog. The blog is more personal, where we devote the ‘pages’ sharing our home-cookery, gardening, and DIY food antics while the podcast is community-based. Whereas for the podcast, we leave our kitchens & gardens and talk to a diverse group of people making a difference in the home cooking, farming and food access & justice in and around the Capital Region: vegetable farmers, meat farmers, farmers market managers & board members, food entrepreneurs, value-added food producers, grassroots activists, non-profits, bloggers, cookbook authors, community members, home cooks, food swappers and so many more.

Amy podcast
Amy was interviewed for our Preserving the Bounty episode

The podcast allows us an easier platform to conduct interviews, because I have to be honest, most of us are not journalists (except for Ms. Amy Halloran and Ms. Deanna Fox) and transcribing an interview is an art form. A true art form. Without the podcast, we just simply wouldn’t have the time, nor talent, to reach out beyond our kitchens.

We’ve had an exciting first year on the podcast covering a variety of topics meat farming, Community Supported Agriculture Programs, Food entrepreneurs, Farmers Markets, Food Preservation, Urban Farming, home cooking and food writing.

  Our first episode of 2013, Grassroots, will drop next Wednesday is live… until then, enjoy a recap of our first 9 episodes. -Christina



In 2012, we interviewed


We interview Nicole Taylor of Hot Grease, we interview a few FSC Swappers and we talk Nutritional Yeast!


This month’s episode is all about CSAs– community supported agriculture! We tell you what CSA is and why it’s awesome for both farmers and consumers. If you’re interested in supporting local farmers and the local food system, this show is for you. Christine runs through the Whys, Hows, Whats and Whens of CSA Programs and also interviews many farmers with CSA Programs.

{Episode 3} Food Entrepreneurs

This month’s podcast highlights a few of the creative, hardworking people who have made food not only their personal passion, but the basis for their professinal lives as well. We’re calling themfood entrepreneurs. We spoke with two such food entrepreneurs to learn how they turned their passions for local foods into thriving businesses.

PODCAST EPISODE 4 Facebook image
{Episode 4} Urban Farming 

This episode of the FSC Podcast, we are diving into the world of urban farming. That’s right, farming in cities. Not the typical, sprawling pastures in the country or the iconic red barn, but we’re talking to people and organizations who are farming in the city. They are increasing access to fresh food, forging a stronger connection with the land and using urban farming as an educational and job training tool for youth. We’ve chatted with a lot of people who are growing local, even on small city plots, and proving that you don’t need a homestead in the country to take control of your food.

podcast episode 5
{Episode 5} Raising Animals (for food)

Raising animals for food. It’s a tricky subject, but we are tackling it with gusto in this month’s podcast. We’ve talked about growing vegetables, joining CSAs to pay someone else to grow vegetables and we’ve even talked a little bit about backyard chickens. Now we are bringing you an extended interview with a local meat farmer who knows exactly what it takes to raise farm animals sustainably, humanely and compassionately.

{Episode 6} Preserving the Bounty

In honor of the late summer bounty, this episode focuses on food preservation. That means canning, freezing, dehydrating or otherwise making your food last beyond the growing season. Our food swaps are always filled with jars of home preserved bounty, from pickled vegetables to smooth jam and jellies. These jars serve as a constant reminder that there are ways to savor summer all throughout the year. We explore the WHYs of preservation- most of us aren’t out on the prairie trying to put up enough food to last through a harsh winter. We can buy most of what we need at the grocery store, year-round. So then why do we can? Why do we take the time to put up our food?

Episode 7
{Episode 7} The Farmers Market Scene

It occurred to us that while we’ve discussed all sorts of ways to access fresh, local vegetables and fruit, we’ve been missing a key way that so many people buy their food… farmers markets! So we are bringing you the scoop on farmers markets this episode- how they’re organized and structured, why farmers and producers choose to sell there and how you can have the best possible shopping experience.

Episode 8 Header

{Episode 8} The Homemade Pantry
In this episode, we talk to Alana Chernila, the author of The Homemade Pantry, about her journey to becoming a blogger and cookbook author while holding other jobs and raising two daughters with her husband. She talks about the process of writing a book and all of the work that goes into making such a beautiful, useful kitchen guide. We also talk to FSC Book Club members on how & why they are creating a homemade pantry for themselves & their families.

Episode 9 Header

{Episode 9: Holiday Stories from your Kitchen} 
With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we’d bring you a special storytelling episode of the From Scratch Club podcast. We talked with a few of our blog readers, podcast listeners, FSC Swappers and other friends and asked them to share holiday tales from their kitchen. The good, the bad & the ugly. Take a listen to this holiday special and gear up for another season of holiday cooking debauchery. Just remember- a good sense of humor and a bit of flexibility will get you through almost any situation the holidays throw at you!



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  1. Jason says:

    I love the podcast – thanks for putting in the time and effort to create it. Looking forward to the next episode!

    1. Christina says:

      Thanks Jason for the feedback! We are always wondering if people out there in Podcast-Listening Land like our stuff. If you don’t mind, could you write a review for us in iTunes? We would be soooo thankful!

      1. Jason says:

        Finally managed to get this done – hope it helps to get the word out there.

        1. Christina says:

          THANK YOU JASON!!!!!

  2. Jason says:

    Sure, I can do that – will make a note for myself. And you’re welcome!

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