{recipe recap} Edible Gifts, Part 2

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(you can click in the link above for all of our ‘fsc holiday posts from 2010-2012)

This is PART TWO of our 3-Part Edible Gift Recipe Recaps so that you can quickly reference the posts when you need them, because to be honest, these edible gift recipes are great year-round for any special gift-giving occasion.
We hope you were inspired by the various ideas and recipes and that your friends & family members might get a yummy gift for the holidays!
Happy Cooking! -Christina

image (4)Alexis’ Spicy Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

IMG_3442Dianna’s Biscotti w/ Nuts: BISCOTTI DE NOCCIOLE E MANDERLO

nonameGina’s Jam-Filled Squares

DSCN1150Deanna’s DIY Bitters
(this would make a great New Year’s Eve Hostess Gift!)

IMG_8170Becky H’s Pickled Butternut Squash: Two Ways (Sweet & Savory)

Crunchy-Pumpkin-Seed-Brittle-Easy-Nut-Brittle.JPGGina’s Pumpkin Seed Brittle (Corn & Nut Free)

I'm not gonna lie. I ate all of this.  Call me the Grinch but I wanted it all for ME! Pirate Jeni’s Apple & Jalapeno Beef Jerky


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