{from scratch holidays} Embroidered Jar Lids


This year I have every intention of making Christmas gifts from scratch, or at least putting significant thought and effort into each gift

My Dad is a chef and food is one of the things we truly bond over. We value each other’s opinions equally and consult each other constantly, whether it be cooking techniques, new flavor combinations, or food safety.

For Christmas I want to gift him my absolute favorite spice blends, in our house we use them (four in total) almost weekly. The first blend is called Black & Red and its a spicy pepper blend from Penzeys. Second, a blend called Arizona Dreaming from Penzeys that we absolutely love with chicken. The third and fourth are two blends that we made up/adapted over the years and one is amazing for burgers and the other is especially fantastic for ribs. Given my recent, never ending, and undying obsession or mason jars, I knew that I would most certainty ‘put up’ the spice blends in 1/2 pint ball jars.

Ok, so I knew the spice blends I’d use and I knew that I would package them in ball jars, but how was I going to make this food gift actually look like a gift?? I have dabbled only a little bit in embroidery, but I really liked it. So I got the idea of embroidering paper lids and dressing the jars up with that.

*Please note:  For the full version of the pattern, which includes a supply list, instructions, and pictures, see the PDF document —> Embroidered Jar Lids Instructions. PDF Download.



My goal in life is ALWAYS to spend as little money as possible. Given that, I went right up to my craft room (I know, what a brat, I have a craft room) and gathered all of the necessary supplies to make this project. Actually, aside from the spices I actually spent -0- on this project. Pretty sweet. I grabbed various colors of embroidery floss, super super thick paper left over from our save the dates, scrap paper and fabric, scissors, and colored pencils.


First, I wanted to sketch out my lid designs. I grabbed some colored pencils, the lids, and scrap paper and did some doodling. It is obvious that I am not an artist, but simple doodles were all that I needed.


After I narrowed down my designs and determined that I would use a few basic embroidery stitches (the Classic Backstitch, Classic Split Stitch, and a messy version of a Satin Stitch), I cut out some lids from the really thick paper and PRACTICED.


I sincerely hope that you will read through the pattern, as I really did learn a lot from the few lids I did and I came up with a pretty long list of best practices. Do yourself a favor a learn from my mistakes!

After I did a few practice runs, I really got the feel for the embroidery and the lids came out pretty nice (I think).



The great part about this project is that it can so easily be altered for whatever you put in your jars, even for your truly canned good (after you’ve processed them of course). I can picture you packaging a jar of candies and embroidering a little candy on top, or if you ‘put up’ a lotion with some essential oil in it, you can embroidery a little picture of lavender or lemon or whatever the oil was.

I hope you enjoyed this project. I would LOVE to hear any comments you have and I would LOVE to see pictures of your embroidered lids!

*Please note:  For the full version of the pattern, which includes a supply list, instructions, and pictures, see the PDF document —> Embroidered Jar Lids Instructions. PDF Download.

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  1. Oh my gosh, love these lids!

    1. Lauren B says:

      Jacky they are so easy to make, just give it a try!

  2. sunyiqingzi says:

    Reblogged this on Pocketful of Sunshine and commented:
    Very cute! I wish I had smart hands like ths

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