{from scratch holidays} Ice Cream Cone Ornaments


Thanksgiving Day is behind us, and it seems we are in a mad dash towards the December holidays. My neighbors have begun putting up their holiday lights, cars are zipping through town with Christmas trees tied down on top, and Santa is stopping for pictures at every mall.  It would appear that we should begin thinking about holiday decorating, gift giving, and get togethers, even though it is still technically November.

While some homes may host a Christmas tree that is equal in beauty to those displayed in store fronts, my tree is more of a collection of memories.  There are ornaments from my {and my husband’s} childhood, ornaments given to my children from grandparents and great-grandparents, and ornaments commemorating anniversaries and hobbies. It is seemed only normal that food should make its way onto our tree. The new favorite decoration at our house is food-themed, and kid made.  Let me introduce you to the Ice Cream Cone Ornament.

  If you are looking for a holiday project to do with your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or friend, then check this out. I spent time making these ice cream cone ornaments with my kids, and we all had fun creating these. The ice cream cones are cute and colorful. They bring to mind the little hands that created them, the food shared with family and friends throughout the year, and the joy that food brings to young and old alike.

TO MAKE: Start with store bought, mini ice cream cones. You can use regular sized cones if you desire, just make sure you have very large sized pom-poms on hand.  {If you are considering keeping these ornaments for future holiday seasons, then I suggest coating the cone in a layer of Mod Podge or clear spray shellac.} Glue colored pom-poms to the top of the cones. Use a needle to run a piece of yarn or ribbon through the center of the pom-pom, then tie it off.  This will serve as the hanger for the ornament.


 Here are some other food-themed decorations I have had my eye on creating this season: 

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Salt Dough Snowflakes

Peppermint Wreath

Candy Cane Vase

Walnut Ornaments

What are some ways that you decorate with food?
I would love to hear your ideas!


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