{fsc book club} Assignment 3 & 4 Recap: Soups, Baking, Frozen Foods, Pasta & Sauce

We’re chugging right along with the FSC Book Club. We’ve tackled Soups & Baking Needs/Mixes and are now in the middle of the chapters on Frozen Food, Pasta and Sauce. We’re thrilled with how well it’s going! Folks are reading and cooking, adjusting recipes, asking questions and sharing what they’ve made. Our forum over on Goodreads has become a really nice little community. Drop by and say hello! Our adopted author Alana Chernila has been popping in the forums to answer questions, so take advantage of this access and ask away!

As a reminder, Alana will be visiting the From Scratch Club table at the Troy Farmers Market on Saturday, December 8. Stop by and visit us! Alana will also be teaching a class that afternoon (register here) and was interviewed for the latest episode of the From Scratch Club Podcast.

Here’s a round-up of a few of the Book Club check-ins from the past two assignments:

“Cornbread — Aisle 6: I call this the “best-evah cornbread” and a whole bunch of my blog followers have made it and agree!” 

via Kitchen Ninja (read more here!)

Did the beans & am very excited to have them packaged up in two cup portions with 1 cup broth and frozen flat in the freezer. Used the extra in chili & it was quick and the beans were just the right texture.

I don’t know why I resist growing beans (actually, yes I do know why – laziness) but I look forward to a pile o’beans in my freezer next summer. Or, maybe I’ll go for the pressure canner next year...”

via Auburn Meadow Farm

Book Clubbers share personal experiences and stories- just like in The Homemade Pantry. I’d like to second Tamara’s mention that after finishing the book, she feels like close friends with Alana! I feel like I know all of you book clubbers so well, even though I haven’t met most of you in “real life”!

Meg made homemade pasta and then used it in homemade lasagna in honor of her sister’s adorable new baby girl! via Meg of Small World Supper Club (read more here!)

Amy made the butternut squash soup and brought it to a dinner party! She also made chicken nuggets that are headed for the freezer for nights when her husband is home alone for dinner and a batch of macaroni and cheese.

Ricotta mixed with some roasted garlic, topped with fresh spinach and roasted tomato sauce on homemade dough.” via Casey

An enthusiastic endorsement for Alana’s pie crust recipe from Susan!

I made the lentil soup. This was my second taste of lentil soup ever. The recipe in the book turned out much better than the soup I had in a restaurant once.”
via Dawn


And, just as we hoped, folks are keeping the discussion alive on past chapters too! 

A batch of homemade ricotta! via Kitchen Cauldron


The new FSC Book Club assignment will be posted on Goodreads tomorrow morning, Monday, November 19! We are embarking on breads, crackers and drinks! Those drinks include liqueur, so be sure to stop by… Don’t forget to follow the book club on Twitter, tag us (@FSCBookClub) and use the #FSCBookClub hashtag when you post.


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