{from scratch holidays} Thanksgiving Tablescaping Part 3

Editor’s Note:  Ms. Lauren from Craft My Life Away is back with her final installment in her three-part Thanksgiving Tablescaping series. Her first installment ran on Friday and her 2nd piece, FILLED with patterns & instructions, ran yesterday- check it & craft on! -Christina

I’m back with Part 3 of my 3 Part Installment obsessing over Thanksgiving Tablescaping. All of the following topics have been/will be covered in the series, but today I will be discussing topic 6, Setting Your Table, Step-by-Step.


  1. Choosing the “Theme” (Part 1)
  2. Planning the Menu (Part 1)
  3. Taking Inventory of Your Dishes & Decor (Part 1)
  4. Go Shopping!  (Part 2)
  5. Craft Your Life Away : (Part 2)
    – Slubby Linen Runner (pattern included on post)
    – Simple Linen Napkin, (pattern included on post)
    – Framed Scrapbook Paper (pattern included on post)
  6. Setting Your Table – Step by Step (Right now!)


6 – Setting Your Table

I throw A LOT of parties. A LOT.

I always do a mock up of everything that is going to have to fit on the table. In conjunction with the mock-up, I always label all of my dishes and serving utensils with my trusty pack of post-its in hand. This helps SO MUCH when you are trying to put everything on the table last minute, especially if you have guests that arrived early and they demand to help.

I took pictures of the room while I put the table together, layer by layer, to show you how the tablescape builds.  Look at the room in photo 1 compared to photo 2. I think it is a pretty drastic change, and I only spent $55.00!

I also took pictures of the place setting at the head of the table, after every layer was added and things were tweaked to perfection. I actually really liked taking these progress shots, it is cool to see that that one view morphed from nothing into a very inviting place setting:

 Here are some of my other favorite little montages from the “photo shoot”:

 That concludes my series on Thanksgiving Tablescapes. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and that you at least learned one thing from my experiences! If you have any questions, comment below, I totally live for this stuff. I’ll be back in December with a crafty gift to make for the home cook in your lives! Craft on, Lauren


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  1. You are so creative – love it! I will be hosting Turkey Day and love playing with the tablescape and glassware/dinnerware.

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