{from scratch holidays} Thanksgiving Tablescaping Part 2

Editor’s Note: Ms. Lauren from Craft My Life Away is back with her 2nd installment in her three-part Thanksgiving Tablescaping series. Her first installment ran yesterday– check it & craft on! -Christina

I am back with Part 2 of my Three Part Installment obsessing over Thanksgiving Tablescaping: I will be discussing topics 4 & 5: Going Shopping! & Crafting.


  1. Choosing the “Theme” (YESTERDAY!) 
  2. Planning the Menu (YESTERDAY!)
  3. Taking Inventory of Your Dishes & Decor (YESTERDAY!)
  4. Go Shopping!
  5. Craft Your Life Away:
    – Slubby Linen Runner,
    – Simple Linen Napkin,
    – Framed Scrapbook Paper
  6. Setting Your Table – Step by Step (TOMORROW!) 

4 – Go Shopping!

My favorite part (aside from eating) is the shopping. There were a few things that I knew I had to buy in order to complete the look I envisioned, and I only wanted to spend around $50.00 (more like my Husband only wanted me to spend $50.00). I wanted an earthy linen table runner, pretty but rustic colored linen napkins, and some artwork. I also thought it would be great to add some wood elements to the table via a big wooden salad bowl or something similar.

What I ended up buying was a gorgeous tonal striped linen fabric for the table runner ($21.00 – Joanns), a great mustardy-yellow-almost-chartreuse linen fabric for the napkins ($7.00 – Joanns), two rustic wooden paddle-trivets for the oven-to-table dishes ($22.00 – TJ Maxx), and very pretty brown candlesticks ($5.00 – Target).

I ended up spending $55.00 total to make this project complete. It was totally worth it! Everything purchased, with the exception of the candlesticks was a sunk cost and can be used again and again.

5 – Crafting, YAY!

I worked on three main crafting projects for this post: a) Slubby Linen Runner, b) Simple Linen Napkin and c) Framed Scrapbook Paper.

The first crafty item I wanted to make was the Slubby Linen Runner that was the foundation for My Thanksgiving Table. It was an unbelievably super easy project with an absolutely fantastic result. It really made my not-so-rustic table feel very rustic. See the end-result picture below, as well as the attached pattern in PDF form complete with step-by-step instructions and photos for making your own runner.

 PATTERN: Slubby Linen Runner (pdf w/ embedded pictures)

The second crafting project was a set of Simple Linen napkins in a really pretty fall color. These napkins were sooo easy, that I will definitely be making all my napkins from here on out. It was the easiest and cheapest way to really make something on the table pop and it added a natural look with the color I chose. See the end-result picture below, as well as the attached pattern in PDF form complete with step-by-step instructions and photos for making your own napkins.

PATTERN: Simple Linen Napkin (pdf w/ embedded pictures)

Lastly, given that the current décor in my dining room leaves a bit to be desired (we just moved in a year ago and have barely touched the dining room), I needed to put together some artwork to complete the look. I wanted simple and very cheap artwork to add to the Thanksgiving Feel of the room. I have an abundance of scrapbook paper in my craft room because I used to be a hardcore scrapbooker, so I thought that the Framed Scrapbook Paperwas the perfect opportunity to put a dent in my stash. I also have a TON of frames that have no pictures in them that we received as wedding gifts. Thanksgiving-ish Scrapbook Paper + Pretty Frames = Instant Artwork.

I can barely call this a pattern, but have attached it for your reference, complete with step-by-step instructions and photos for making your own

PATTERN: Framed Scrapbook Paper w pics (pdf w/ embedded pictures)

Check back tomorrow for my final ‘Thanksgiving Tablescaping’ piece on Setting Your Table: Step by Step.


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