{fsc book club} Assignment 2 Recap: Canned Things, Condiments, Spices & Spreads

The FSC Book Club is rocking! We’ve got 92 members signed up on Goodreads and are diving into homemade cookery and pantry staples as an awesome virtual group. For this assignment, we looked at Chapter 3 (Canned Fruits, Vegetables & Beans) and Chapter 4 (Condiment, Spices & Spreads) of The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying & Start Making.

One of my food goals for 2012 was to make more of my own condiments so I was glad to have a little kick in the pants from the FSC Book Club to get some condiment-making in before the year ends. We asked people what their favorite condiment is and the big winners were sriracha, tomato jam, hummus, peanut butter, ketchup, pesto & mustard, among others. I am of the high-brow culinary tradition that a squirt of ketchup is good on almost anything. As a youngster, I was known to top my macaroni and cheese with ketchup. Confession: I’ve never made it myself! I have a bottle of Heinz in my refrigerator at all times. Until now…

Awesomely, the conversation thread for the 2nd assignment turned into a sauerkraut lovefest. People were fermenting all over the place, and it’s no wonder since my fridge has exactly three heads of cabbage from our CSA. Time to make sauerkraut or kimchi, methinks.

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Other great check-ins from assignment 2:

“I’m on the board of my local farmers market. Our fundraising dinner is next month and I finished putting my donation together tonight. I’m anxious to get it out of the house before I change my mind–strawberry vanilla Jam, apricot jam, peach jam, mixed berry jam, grape jelly, caramel sauce, vanilla extract, laundry soap, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup, dried parsley presented in a vintage seltzer crate with the book Homemade Pantry for inspiration.” -Jennifer W.
“Okay this is just plain awesome, and I don’t even like ketchup. My girls think it’s not sweet enough, but that’s what I like about it. I even made fries to go with it. They disappeared before I could get a picture.” – Dawn S.
“Another view of my growing pantry. I have lots of great jams from the food swaps!” -Lauren V.

“Here’s Alana’s delicious lasagne made with homemade ricotta, mozzarella and sauce! The kitchen was a wreck, but I’ll certainly do it again.” -Robin-Lucie K with FOUR recipes in one!

“I made Alana’s awesomely easy buttermilk ranch dressing (and used it in a Brussels sprout slaw) — I’ll never hit the bottle again!” – Julianne of Kitchen Ninja. (Full post here.)

“Oh, man. Homemade ketchup. Can you tell I liked it?” -Jackie of Auburn Meadow Farm

A great hybrid recipe for applesauce from Meg at Small World Supper Club.

Join us! Assignment 3 is up on Goodreads right now- we are making soups and from-scratch baking mixes and ingredients. Perfect for the cooler weather most of us are easing into, yes? Sign up, pick a recipe (or two) and rock the FSC Book Club.

BONUS FSC BOOK CLUB ASSIGNMENT! The next FSC Podcast episode is focusing on creating a from-scratch, homemade pantry and swapping out processed foods from our kitchens. We want to hear from you, our dear resourceful Book Clubbers! Head over to Goodreads to share simple ways that you have introduced more from-scratch staples into your lives. We know it’s not always possible, and I make a few confessions about the storebought baking needs I rely on over on today’s Goodreads discussion, but we’re all trying to do the best we can. Share your tips, your experiences & your thoughts on creating a from-scratch pantry. We’ll choose a few responses and read them during the next episode of the From Scratch Club Podcast!

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  1. epeavey1 says:

    I need a recipe for pickling habanero peppers, or a salsa recipe. I have four bushes still producing in Oct. I live in north east Georgia and still have jalapeno’s producing also along with green chilli’s. Is there some way to combine all three and pickle them? Thanks Ellen from Georgia

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