{recipe recap} Apples R Us

This post will *hopefully* be the start of a new bi-weekly or weekly post all about recipes! One that will use the FSC Time Machine to dredge up oldies but goodie seasonal recipes while also scoring the interwebs for some current food-blog-link-love.

Its mid-ish October (seriously where is the time going?) and there are apples & pears to be had (due to the late spring frost, many of our local orchards where hit hard –> read more on All Over Albany} so let’s dehydrate, bake, cooking, grate, sauté and juice them to perfection! Enjoy!

Christine’s No-Crust Apple Pie
I seriously make this ALL THE TIME, with pears as well!


Fresh, delicious apple cider

Deanna’s DIY Apple Cider Tutorial: From Tree to Tummy

My Kolhrabi, Apple & Carrot Slaw


Becky’s Caramel Frosted Apple Spice Bars


My Mother’s Apple Strudel by Dianna


 Apple & Beet Borscht (and three other ways to use apples)


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal by Leslie


Apple Cake by Amanda


Alexis’ Apple Pancakes..Bittman Style



I link to A LOT of great looking Vegetable recipes and other ‘good food ideas’ on our FSC Pinterest PageCheck it! 


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