{fsc podcast} Episode 7: The Farmers Market Scene

It occurred to us that while we’ve discussed all sorts of ways to access fresh, local vegetables and fruit, we’ve been missing a key way that so many people buy their food… farmers markets! So we are bringing you the scoop on farmers markets this episode- how they’re organized and structured, why farmers and producers choose to sell there and how you can have the best possible shopping experience.

Farmers markets aren’t just a local substitute for the grocery store. They are increasingly a place for people to gather, listen to music, meet new friends and enjoy breakfast or lunch. They making supporting farms and feeding your family a fun, social thing to do. They provide access to more crop diversity, to intimate knowledge about how your food is grown and the best ways to prepare it, to new friendships and community connections and to a deeper involvement in your local economy.

Monica Kurzejeski of the Troy Farmers Market talks to us about how that market is organized, how they started, how vendors apply and why farmers markets are good for cities, farmers and customers.

Cara Fraver of Quincy Farms joins us to share the farmer perspective on markets and Jennifer Paniccia of 3 Chicks & a P, a delicious hummus vendor, brings the producer viewpoint to the table.

FSC Contributor and market worker Erika T. shares a few tips on how to make the most out of your next farmers market experience.

Thanks to our fantastic guests and to the real-life farmers market shoppers we talked to this month at the Saratoga Farmers Market: Jen, Anna, Meg, Pam and Sharon.

Listen Here —> {FSC PODCAST} Episode 7: The Farmers Market Scene

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