{giveaway recap} What Makes You Put Food in Jars?

Spiced Plum Jam by Marisa McClellan at her FSC class on Sunday, August 19th, 2012.

Before we get to the winner… let’s recap some of the inspiring & enthusiastic answers to our giveaway question:

What makes you put food in jars?

Leah shares: “We’ve been canning (first timers) for a few months now and love it! It’s now one of our passions! Would LOVE to win! :)

Arya says: “I want to know what goes into my food and the only way to do that is to can my own food.”

John F says: “Canning with 13 year old daughter tonight, carrots, garlic, cukes and peppers. :)

Ashley wrote: “I love putting food in jars because I can enjoy the recycle, reduce, reuse plan right in my own house. Everyday.”

Barbara stated: “What makes me want to put food in jars? So I can taste the goodness all year long!

Jessica says: “I love putting food in jars because I can control what goes into it. Home jam has a much better taste to it!

Sheila says: “Checking out all the great Farmers Markets make me want to put Food In Jars.”

Tammy B said: “There no feeling quite as good as the one you get when putting food in jars.

Julie S: “Remembering the past and preparing for the future…

Elaine: “Because it just tastes better. Also, there are some serious food allergies in my house, and this way we know what’s in the jars.(I’m right there with ya Elaine! -Christina)

Lil R: “I love the idea of putting food in jars whether for a few days or months to enjoy later. I love giving my homemade preserves as gifts.”

Auburn Meadow Farm: “I get a huge thrill seeing the jars pile up. Nothing is more awesome than being able to throw together a healthy, one of a kind meal from my pantry in minutes…And the path of garden to jars is totally addictive. My recipes today start with seed catalogues.”

Susan says “I love the process of taking food products preparing them in jars andthe rewards later to enjoy those any time during the year.

Susan B shares: “Marisa is one talented and inspiration woman! I remember watching my mother and grandmother make jam and pickles (and a disastrous round of dandelion wine) when I was a kid in the late 1960′s and early ’70′s. I started canning 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest, its truly a labor of love (both being pregnant and canning…). Nothing feels so good as stocking the shelves with yummy foods, prepared by in my own kitchen for my family to enjoy.”

Tiffany simply states: “Feeding my family healthier foods!”

Aubrey: “I want to know what’s in the jar that’s why I wanna put food in a jar. Due to the fact that I don’t have a degree in chemistry and can’t read the ingredients on most labels, it’s best I make the food in the at myself!!!”

epeavey1:I want to put the veggies and fruits we have grown in the garden this year, because we like having the veggies all winter it is just like eating fresh during the winter months. This year we had the best garden ever, so much to can and loving it and still canning tomato’s and peppers still coming on here in Georgia.

Christine:I love to capture the freshness of summer to enjoy when it gets colder. I also hate to waste food!”

Michele shares: “Taking my 4 year old daughter fruit picking at multiple farms this summer, and the resulting bounty, has absolutely inspired many, many canning sessions. Tomato picking is next, and I just finished perusing Marisa’s site for ideas!

Kristi commented: “I love canning because it feels like stacking up a bunch of presents to myself that I get to open and enjoy in the coldest months of the year. There is nothing like cracking open a jar of summery strawberry jam in February to make everyone feel a little bit brighter!”

Maggie proclaims: “I haven’t tried canning yet, but all of the beautiful (and abundant) produce from my first garden is making me want to try it!


…and the winner is….Comment #151, MARTHA with her ‘newsletter subscribed” comment! That’s not sexy, so let’s take a look at her giveaway question answer:

Martha, August 15, 2012 at 5:26 pm  “I love the satisfaction of seeing I have saved myself money, time and saving for the rainy day that is surly coming soon. Prices keep going up and up but canning allows you to put up when things are on sale and have for when they are not.”

Congrats Martha and thanks to everyone that made this out most-entered giveaway to date!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Victoria says:

    I’ve been canning for at least 40 years. Use to be a necessity, but now, since I have retired from nursing, it has become a hobby. Love it! Alot of my canned goods go into gift baskets and is given as for birthdays and holidays.

  2. Kerri Garza says:

    I started canning about 6 years ago right after I got laid off. Still to this day I am learning new things all the time. Absolutely love it. Some of the best gifts have come in one of my jars. It’s nice to know that I can control what goes into alot of what we eat.

    1. Christina says:

      Hey Kerri! Thanks for sharing why you put food in jars. I wanted to let you know that the giveaway is closed BUT we do have another giveaway happening right now. We are restarting our virtual book club, where we read or cook-along with a food-related book, and we are asking for feedback. If that interests you, you can click on the post, answer the short poll then comment that you did so and you’ll be entered into the giveaway for a copy of our next book club selection (unknown). https://fromscratchclub.com/2012/08/23/giveaway-fsc-book-club-housekeeping/

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