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Editor’s Note: While the FSC Crew recover from yesterday’s amazing ‘Food In Jars’ Day with blogger & author Marisa McClellan, Guest Contributor Gina Martin has a treat for you chocolate lovers out there. If you missed her the first few go-arounds, she has written about drinks inspired by Downton Abby & Boardwalk Empire and Veggie Bouillion. -Christina

I live in a house of chocoholics. Demanding ones, who have very particular specifications for what is worthy of being called “delicious”. When I got a new ice cream maker this summer (in a fit of pique over the fact that all ice cream vendors in my area had stuff full of things I was allergic to), I was charged with making a great chocolate frozen confection for this tough crowd.

Gelato seemed like a good idea to try – it doesn’t rely on large amounts of dairy fat to give it mouthfeel and flavor, and the chocolate could shine through. I have friends who can’t eat eggs, and gelato is often made using no eggs. With a substitution of glutinous rice flour for cornstarch, it met my allergy requirements as well.

But the big question wascocoa powder or bar chocolate for the base?

I tried separate recipes using each version, and they left me feeling like something was missing. Obviously, the only rational thing to do was to use both types of chocolate together, in one recipe. WIN!



  • 4 cups whole milk or coconut milk (if you don’t do dairy)
  • 4 oz dark chocolate bar (I used a mix of Green & Black 85% and Aldi’s Moser Roth 70% brands)
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup glutinous rice flour (found at many Asian markets and natural food stores)
  • pinch salt
  • Optional: ¼ teaspoon orange bitters (Fee Brothers brand is nice)


  • Grind the bar chocolate til it looks like gritty dirt.
gritty dirt a.k.a dark chocolate in a food processor
  • In microwave in safe container, heat 2 ½ cups of milk to barely simmering. Put ground chocolate in pan on stove (burner heat off at this point), and pour hot milk over the top. Blend thoroughly til all chocolate is melted and mixed in milk. Let stand while you go to next step.
  • In another container, combine the cocoa powder, sugar, rice flour, salt and 1 ½ cups cold milk til well mixed. This is a pain, the powder will resist your efforts, but persevere. We found a combo of a fork and switching to a whisk worked pretty well.
  • Combine the cold milk mixture with the hot milk in the pan on the stove, and heat over medium to medium high until it starts to simmer. You need to stir the whole time to prevent scorching on the bottom of the pan. Mixture will get thick, cook at low simmer for about a minute. We’re going for just-this-side-of-lava for texture when it’s cooled.
  • Once the mixture has bubbled and cooked, put it aside to cool. Let it cool to room temp on the counter, then refrigerate overnight for best results. There will be a skin on top – if you hate this, you can do ye olde plastic wrap on the top surface, but I hate plastic more than I hate pudding skin, so I skipped it.
  • The next day, add the optional orange bitters, and freeze the mixture per your ice cream maker’s instructions. I use the 2 quart Cuisinart ICE 30BC, but this quantity would work fine in the smaller 1 ½ quart versions too. Transfer to freezer container, freeze til totally firm.


  • Pre-freeze your ice cream maker insert til it’s rock hard or you will have Chocolate Failsauce
  • If you use glass containers for your finished ice cream, pre-freeze them to prevent icky melting
  • If you add any extra flavorings that contain alcohol, use sparingly since it will retard freezing
  • Make a batch of Leah’s homemade magic shell for maximum chocolate overload

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    This sounds yummy. What is the reasoning for adding the powders to the cold milk. Wouldn’t they stir in easier to the warm, melty mixture?

    1. HI Joy, sorry so late in responding – I hadn’t seen this til today! The powders are really *powdery*, so they’d be clumpy nightmare blobs if you tried adding them to warm liquid. Ick. Been there, done that, and have the mentally scarring images seared into my memory.

  2. bigflavours says:

    This looks delicious! I’ve been in Italy this summer and have a real gelato craving. I’ll have to get on it now!

  3. Becky says:

    wow!!! sounds good

  4. Christine says:

    OMG. I can’t wait to try this. You are ROCKING these posts, Gina! I love love love gelato and love love love chocolate. Game on.

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