{FSC Book Club} Going Strong


We’re still going strong with the FSC Book Club! Our discussion of Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace is underway! If you haven’t stopped by our Facebook Book Club forum yet, please do! It’s not too late to “join”… all you need to do is head on over to Facebook and check out the forums. We took a short break last week and are back today chatting about Chapters 6-8. The revised reading schedule is up on the forums & can also be found here.

Intimidated? Not sure if you are allowed to join because you are behind on your reading?! Nonsense! Come one, come all to the no-stress, completely easy-going virtual FSC Book Club. You can join in the chat at any time- feel free to go back to Chapter 1 and add your thoughts or to skip around and answer just a few questions here and there.

The reading schedule is just a guideline of when you can expect forum discussions. We post new questions on Monday mornings, but you can stop in throughout the whole week. Whenever you have the time. Want to know a little secret? Even if you haven’t kept up on the reading schedule, you can still chime in on the questions. Most of them are pretty general– we want to hear how you cook, what recipes you are interested & how you relate to Ms. Adler’s style of homecooking! So come on, join the fun 🙂

{To join the FSC Book Club discussion, click here!}


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