{FSC PODCAST} episode 03: food entrepreneurs

This month’s podcast highlights a few of the creative, hardworking people who have made food not only their personal passion, but the basis for their professinal lives as well. We’re calling them food entrepreneurs. We spoke with two such food entrepreneurs to learn how they turned their passions for local foods into thriving businesses.

A few months ago, FSC contributor Erika Tebbens attended NOFA-NY‘s conference in Saratoga Springs. She sat down with Marty Butts of Small Potatoes, a local foods advocacy and marketing business based out of Syracuse NY. Marty is passionate about fair trade issues, including domestic fair trade, and he’s masterfully built his business on supporting local producers while upholding farmers’ rights and fair agricultural labor practices.

FSC Editor Christina Davis caught up with the owner of an incredible new business that’s aiming to expand access to local foods through an innovative online farmers market. Farmie Market founder Sarah Gordon tells us about her journey from marketing her family’s grassed beef farm to operating a wildly successful business that has expanded throughout several counties and states.

On this month’s show, we also announce a few of our newest projects: a new Schenectady food swap, the launch of FSC Academy and our very first FSC Book Club!

Keith Drinkwine, Producer Manager at Kilpatrick Family Farm, stopped in to give us a quick crop report and tells us what we can expect to see soon at our local farmers markets.

We also have a very special treat for you this month! Alana Chernila, author of the blog Eating From the Ground Up and also the author behind the brand new cookbook The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You can Stop Buying and Start Making, was awesome enough to visit us at our Troy food swap this month. Because we love you so much, we’re bringing you an excerpt of Alana’s talk.

Thank you to FSC Swappers Kelly, Margaret, Ona & Joey for chatting with us about swapping.

Listen Here —> Episode 3: Food Entrepreneurs

Thanks for listening!

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  1. ouscorpio says:

    Thank you for sharing this great podcast!! I loved it and FSC! So much incredibly valuable information and new small business’ to check out now. One thing that makes me a little perplexed is why the county (Washington) I live in isn’t actively involved or mentioned in any of the efforts. Please don’t misunderstand my query, I’m NOT finding fault with FSC. I’m just wondering if there is a reason none of the multitude of food producers in Wash. Co. aren’t mentioned? Are they part of another effort/movement or are they involved as part of the bigger effort?
    Due to some health issues I have recently found myself needing to reconsider my working future. I am also curious about the median age of FSC groupies (that’s a compliment). I’m 49 and find that when I’m reading blogs involved with our food reawakening the authors are most often young women/mothers who started their journey/blogs when health issues with their children caused them to re-examine their long, held beliefs about where their food comes from and what is in it. Am I “not getting it” or is there an untapped demographic actually missing? Sorry if I’m asking so many questions, these are all things I’ve been wondering about for awhile and todays podcast really made me want to finally ask. Thanks again for your fabulousness Ladies, I’m humbled by your amazing talents.

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