{FSC Book Club} Starts Today!

The FSC Book Club starts today! Click on over to our Facebook page and join in the discussion. Introduce yourself! Today we are discussing the Introduction and Chapters 1-2 of Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy & Grace. We’ll be posting questions and chatting it up all week long, so don’t worry if you have’t quite finished this week’s selection. Catch up and join us when you are ready.

There’s no sign-up or registration form. Just show up to our Facebook page and click on the FSC Book Club forum.

Every Monday, we’ll post a few questions, prompts or recipe challenges and let you take the reigns! Respond to our moderated discussion questions right on Facebook and post your photos, stories and your own questions too.

Feeling inspired? Post about it on your own blog & share the link! You can also chime in on Twitter or Instagr.am using the hashtag #FSCbookclub, if you’d like, but the primary discussion will take place on Facebook.

{To join the FSC Book Club discussion, click here!}

Happy Reading!

Let’s start the conversation here, too! Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s discussion: 

Tamar notes that this book “doesn’t contain ‘perfect’ or ‘professional’ ways to do anything, because we don’t need to be professional to cook well.” On the one hand, anyone can and should be able to make themselves a tasty dinner. On the other hand, though, isn’t there something to be said for professionally trained chefs, cooks and bakers? What do you think? Is professional cooking overrated?

Feel free to comment here and then head over to join the rest of the conversation on Facebook.


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