{WNIMKW} Spoon Butta’

Since Christine lobbied & successfully resurrected our ‘What’s New In My Kitchen Wednesdays‘ I’ve known what my next WNIMKW post would be: Spoon Butta’.

Spoon butter first made its presences known to me when Swapper Courtney brought her homemade spoon butter (and displayed it w/ an amazing tablescape) to January’s Saratoga Food Swap. What’s kinda sad, is that I have A LOT of wooden kitchen stuff: cutting boards, spoons, spatulas, serving trays & bowls, and its all been neglected.

Who knew that you had to take care of your fine wood products so they don’t splinter, chip and crack? Condition it? Whaaat? Never. Nope…. my beloved wooden kitchen mates were dying out like an ignored house plant. True story. So much so that I have one well-used & loved spoon that had splinters from its handle like a porcupine. I was always afraid for Miles to use it. Eek!

I had been lucky until now, with no splinters or cracked-in-half cutting boards or bowls…phew.

dry dry dry wooden utensils... not for long!

Saratoga FSC Swappers were lined up for Courtney’s spoon butter. I was lucky enough that I had a large jar of tomato jam w/ onions & jalapenos calling Courtney’s name (or was it my honey blueberry jam?) SCORE!

Once home, I hunkered-in one winter toddler naptime and I followed Courtney’s directions: used a clean towel (and my fingers) and dipped it into the mason jar to scoop up the buttery soft, thick, beeswx smelling lotion (made up of beeswax/mineral oil/ water) that I then massaged into my kitchen buddies. I think at one point I heard little squeals from my spatula and my tiny cheese board.

I had 10-12 items and it took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. Once each item was done, I laid it on a kitchen towel to air-dry during the remainder of Miles’ naptime.  The surprise bonus, my hands felt & smelled amazing… I got a little hand-help to boot!

Once I completed the magic transformation, I begged Courtney to write a guest post on the magic butter as I knew the FSC Community would LOVE to make it themselves. She kindly declined (Courtney is the NICEST & most POLITE person I know!) saying both that blogging wasn’t her thing AND that she didn’t write an original recipe– she used the guidance of two bloggers: Stephanie’s Spoon Oil at 3191 Miles Apart and Marisa’s Spoon Butter at Food In JarsHow I missed Marisa’s piece on Spoon Butter I have no idea. But I digress, I appreciated Courtney’s honesty and went about following the same steps she did.

Let me tell you, I made it and its so easy w/ little clean up. You make it in the jars you intend to store it in. No fuss. No muss.

making 3 8oz. jars of spoon butter at once! Melt beeswax w/ water add mineral oil, take off heat, stir until combined then cool. Ta da!

I followed Marisa’s directions except that I made three 80z. jars instead of one big jar so I could bring them to a Troy Swap (I won’t bring them to Saratoga as Courtney has Spoon Butter covered there!). It’s very similar to making Jillian’s lotion recipe in our free Edible Gift Ebook, From Scratch Holidays, where you stir & stir & stir while the oil, water & beeswax struggle to mix, then they finally ‘let go’ and mix beautifully.

Oh, and its even easier than a lotion or lip balm recipe because your measurements don’t have to be exact. If its around the correct ratio it will work!

Ta da! Spoon Butta’

Just a short note on buying beeswax: I had leftover beeswax from a 1 pound block I had purchased for my holiday-time edible gift making. I purchased the 1 pound bar at Betterbee in Greenfield, NY but you can almost always buy a chunk from your local beekeeper and/or honey vendor at your local farmers market. From my experience, you will need to send him or her an email a few days before the market to ask them to bring you the size chunk you want- most vendors don’t carry the beeswax to market.


Are you inspired? Go read Stephanie & Marisa’s posts on the specific ‘how to’ on Spoon Butter and start making it for yourself. I can tell you from experience that your wooden kitchen utensils, bowls, cutting boards & trays and your fingers (no splinters from that well-worn spoon!) will thank you!

and a BIG THANK YOU to Swapper Courtney for opening my eyes to the magic of Spoon Butta’


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Blando says:

    Wooden utensils are my favorite to cook with – who knew they could be given new life! I’m an esthetician so I know skin needs care…it only makes sense that porous wood that is exposed to heat, left in water, scrubbed with soap and, on occasion, run through the dishwasher, would need moisturizing too. Thank you for the education and the recipe!

  2. LouAnn says:

    Who knew the dry sighs in my kitchen were from dry wood tools? Especially here in dry Arizona! Sounds like a soothing and rather Zen job to perform for my hardworking wooden tools!!!!

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