{FSC PODCAST} episode 2: all about csa programs

{Christine’s 2011 22-week CSA Share from Kilpatrick Family Farm}

This month’s episode is all about CSAs– community supported agriculture! We tell you what CSA is and why it’s awesome for both farmers and consumers. If you’re interested in supporting local farmers and the local food system, this show is for you.

Are you still on the fence about joining a CSA? Then go read our {KNOW YOUR FARMER} Why Are You a CSA Member? post from earlier this month. All of the FSC contributors that have belonged to a CSA at one point or another chimed in about their experiences and why being part of a community-supported agriculture program is important to them. There’s also an excellent round-up of additional CSA advice and local foods resources.

Joining a CSA means that you’ll be eating a lot of vegetables. Not sure what to do with them all? Not even sure what they are? Never fear! FSC is here to ease you into your new life as a CSA member. Chances are, we’ll have a post or recipe about it! Hakurei turnips? Jillian has you covered here. Jerusalem artichokes? Why not make Erika’s Jerusalem Artichoke & Beef Enchilads? Try Christina’s Pickled Fiddleheads or Christine’s Rainbow Chard Quiche. FSC even ran an entire Garlic Scape Week. We’ve got you covered.

{DENISON FARM: On-Farm Pick-Up Site}

For this month’s podcast, we interviewed several rad farms at NOFA-NY’s 2nd Annual CSA Fair in Albany. We spoke with farmers who run vegetable CSAs, farms who collaborate with other local producers, farms with a CSA for meat & poultry, year-round vegetable CSAs and even a farm that will do the cooking for you. You can learn more about the farms and their CSA programs at the following links:

Quincy Farm, Easton, NY (Read about FSC’s tour of Quincy Farm back in October 2011 here)
Denison Farm, Schaghticoke, NY (Read about the fundraiser FSC ogranized for Denison Farm & Kilpatrick Family Farm in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee here)
Full Field Farm, North Chatham, NY
Kilpatrick Family Farm, Middle Granville, NY
9 Miles East Farm, Northumberland, NY

Thanks to Luke Deikis, Justine Denison, Mike Kowalski, Philip Kilpatrick and Gordon Sachs for taking the time to talk to us about their 2012 CSA programs.

{Walking Quincy Farm}

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Thanks for listening!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m going to have to come back on the weekend to listen to the podcasts but what a cool idea. I think the information that you’re sharing about CSA is really important and love that you are doing it with more than one medium.

    1. Christina says:

      THANKS! We are REALLY LOVING the podcast- it opens us up to all these wonderful interviews. Interviews are REALLY hard to translate to print as we are not professional writers (and thus not getting paid) and its time consuming for us since we all have other jobs. Sooo the podcast is a medium we get to explore meeting with all sorts of people. Each month we will have a different topic, which again, gets us really excited. Thanks for commenting & I hope you enjoy our Podcast. Our Managing Editor, Christine, wrote & produced it and she does an AMAZING job!

  2. Jason says:

    Just as an FYI – I subscribed via iTunes with episode 1, and so far it hasn’t made this new episode available to me yet. I can get it easily enough by just downloading from your “listen here” link, but just wanted to let you know there might be an issue w/ the iTunes feed.

    1. Christine says:

      Hmm, thanks for the feedback Jason. I haven’t heard from anyone else with this problem but we will check into it ASAP! Thanks for listening 🙂

      1. Jason says:

        No problem, and it could just be me. Maybe iTunes is punishing me for always ignoring their prompts to upgrade to the latest version.. 😀 I enjoyed the first podcast, and am looking forward to the next!

        1. Christina says:

          Hey Jason, Christina here. I just noticed that our 2nd episode isn’t in Itunes. Which is weird because like Christine said, I received my 2nd episode right away.

          So I have done some digging, validated our feed and asking a bunch of questions on the Itunes’ Podcast Producers Community Forum to try to figure this out.

          BIG THANKS for letting us know. The 2nd episode is really well done, so I want everyone to hear it!

          I will keep you updated!

          1. Jason says:

            Christina, you’re welcome. It looks like the bugs have been worked out; I can see episode 2 in iTunes now. I downloaded it directly yesterday and listened to it on my way home, it was really well done. It was nice to hear an interview w/ Justine (Denison Farm is “my” farm 🙂 ) and so many other folks involved in these kinds of community ventures. I really hope that we continue to see more and more creative and wonderful local partnerships like this between producers and consumers. It also spurred me to stop dithering and to go ahead and sign up for the bread share this year before it got to be too late! We are definitely looking forward to that.

            1. Christina says:

              Jason!!!! Great news on the bread share- huzzah! When I first moved back to the area, I too was a Denison Farm CSA Member. I love Justine & Brian and all they do for the local food/farming community. Thanks for the update, I was getting worried as Itunes don’t help, I had to post on the ‘podcaster producer’ forum and cross my fingers things would work themselves out. TaDa! Thanks for making my day! Have a great weekend!

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