{photo diary} Field Trip to All Good Bakers

Well, they did it!

Nick & Britin Foster has opened their flagship bakery, breakfast & lunch spot and future location of cooking classes (and more) at 540 Delaware Avenue in Albany, NY. Yes, they had a teeny space on Quail Street but it was just a stepping stone towards finding a bigger & permanent space with a lease under their own name. THEY DID IT!

In some twist of fate, Christine, Heather & I were able to meet up for lunch on Friday at the new space. We got an up-close & personal tour by our girl (and FSC Contributor) Britin (hydroponic garden, locally sources ingredients, future space of their raised bed garden) and then enjoyed a lunch while we watched endless amounts of excited customers poured in to feast on sandwiches, salads, breads, scones and desserts.

What makes this such a satisfying visit is that within the same time frame of this very blog, Nick & Britin have worked hard to bring their ethics & talent to a larger & larger audience. They are dedicated to local & whole foods created in the atmosphere of community. When I first interviewed the duo, in October 10th, 2010, they were baking in their home kitchen and now they have the space that they need to thrive- Way to go Nick & Britin!

Here’s a peak and if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in Wednesday-Friday 8am-3pm and then Saturday & Sunday: 9am-3pm w/ brunch and grab some serious grub!


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  1. dorothybloom says:

    These posts of yours are so great, that they are pretty successful in pointing out my direction nutritionally and whole foodsedly when I start to lose my way. Thanks again. Dorothy Bloom

    1. Christina says:

      Thanks for reading Dorothy! Glad you are finding ideas & themes & recipes that are of interest! Have a great weekend!

  2. We attempted to go find that place today, but apparently, they close really, really early, even on Saturdays. Don’t know if we’ll ever manage to get there when they’re open. 😦

    1. Christina says:

      Hey KB, Oh no! Did I print the hours wrong- I believe they are a breakfast – lunch type place (open until 3pm) until they have the funds & manpower to be open later in the day. They have really lovely prepared foods and their breads are to die-for. Hope you can get there sometime! And..when are you gonna come to a swap? I’d LOVE to meet you!!

  3. Ona says:

    Terrific News! I can’t wait to try it out.
    I would venture to say that this must be the most ethical and on point restaurant in the area – I wish nothing but success for them.

    1. Christina says:

      I know right Ona! I too wish them the best of luck- I’m so excited for them!!! They are genuine and kind and compassionate with super talent and great ethics. I’m hoping for good things too!

  4. bking57 says:

    What part of Deleware Ave? What are they near? I would love to check it out! 🙂

    1. Christina says:

      They are in the Delso neighborhood (South Delaware Avenue) in the same strip mall at the Yoga Loft. They are down near the overpass over 87- Albany side. Does that help?

  5. I can’t WAIT to eat at the new location! I had lunch at the Quail St. shop with a friend a while back and it was delicious. Looking forward to tasting some of the new vegan menu items. 🙂

  6. Britin F. says:

    Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm!! @KB – I’m so sorry we missed you. We are trying to grow slowly and steadily. This move represents a jump in hours per day and days per week we are working (12-16 hours a day for Nick, 6 days per week; 10-12 hours per day for me, 6 days per week, up from 4). We have a not-yet-school-age daughter at home and in addition to growing the bakery, we are also trying to keep some semblance of family life at home in the evenings. Nick has to go to bed at 7 or 8pm in order to rise at 1am to get the bread baking done, and we don’t leave the bakery till usually at least 5 (got out a little early today), then there are errands, dinner and precious little family time to attend to. We are already looking at ways to grow, but don’t want to burn ourselves out quickly by taking on everything at once. We’ve hired two people to ease our load, but once we get this growth pattern down pat, we’ll be looking at staying open later, perhaps hiring a bread baker and in general, finding ways to satisfy our customers better. I hope you can make it in during opening hours soon!

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