{FSC SWAPPERS} breads, jams, soups, lip balms… oh my!

Editor’s Note: Swapper Natalie & her friend, Swapper Lindsay, have rocked the Saratoga Food Swap since they began attending a few months back. They are serious regulars now and I’m always delighted to see them (and what they bring to swap) each month! They tend to be very creative with glorious packaging and display wow. They. Are. Serious. Food. Swappers. I approached Natalie about writing our February recap and she immediately said yes. Hurray! You can find Natalie on her beautiful food & graphic design blog, Delicious Talka, and also on a craft blog, Unemployment Crafts, that she runs with her friend Erin. Take it away Swapper Natalie! -Christina

So I first heard about the From Scratch Club food swaps from Jess at Wanderlusted. I’d been moaning and groaning about having to move back home and was so excited to see something like this locally – and I signed up for the next one as soon as I could! My friend Lindsay and I are slowly becoming swap regulars now. Our first swap was in late fall, where we teamed up to make mini toaster pastries, jam straws, and loose tea. Since then we’ve been scheming constantly about what to make next. It’s so much fun!

The first swap of the New Year was fantastic – I was in swap withdrawal over the holidays! January’s swap had a pretty impressive spread, from infused liquors, to homemade breads, jams, and spreads. There were also quite a few non-food items, like lip balms, spoon butter, and soap!

Spoon butter, to protect your wooden spoons from cracking, staining and drying. This is such a cool idea. And packaged beautifully, of course!

I got to take a loaf of this cinnamon bread home and it was delicious. This was from a first time swapper and she’s already a pro! One of my favorite things about going to swaps is seeing what other people make and what they like best about trading goods. I’ve gotten a ton of recommendations for food blogs, baking techniques, and cooking ideas from this. Plus, it’s always great to meet like-minded people who also geek out about making something completely from scratch! My life feels validated.

My friend Lindsay made sugar & spice candied walnuts, and homemade peanut butter cups for this swap. YUM. I am a huge fan of anything nutty so I was all over the taste testing for these. Plus, the packaging was so cute! I made Roasted Garlic Hummus, and Funfetti Cake Truffles. I made the truffles from a cake recipe I wrote about recently on my blog, Delicious Talka.

We also had an awesome bonding moment with another swapper about what we have affectionately started calling swap panic – the last minute scramble to get your new awesome recipe finished and packaged while suddenly doubting that anyone will want to swap for this and wondering if you’ll go home with a full basket of your own stuff. Totally normal, right?

Anyway, it’s hard to actually believe anyone would ever think this. All of the swappers are so welcoming and friendly, and I’m even more excited every time to go back and see what everyone’s dreamed up! Lindsay and I always come away from the swaps on a high, so happy to have spent time with so many awesome people. I’m already starting to plan for the February swap.

Bring it on!




Saratoga Food Swap
THIS Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
Common Thread Saratoga‘s NEW STORE LOCATION: 508 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Sunday, February 26th, 2012
Oakwood Community Center, 313 Tenth Street, Troy, NY 12180


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  1. dorothybloom says:

    great stuff. Trouble is , you are so inspiring, but on this food swap thing you are leaving out somebody like me who isn’t able to attend the saps and would like a few hints about technics and recipes.

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