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Editors Note: Let’s take a moment and rewind. Hop into the FSC Time Machine and if you go back to 2010 – early 2011 and you will find 19 posts under the series title “What’s New In My Kitchen Wednesdays” or WNIMKW for short.  This used to be a semi-weekly series where we weaved a personal story with a review of a beloved or new “item” (very broad definition) in our kitchen, in our glass or on our plate. The concept is broad so contributors write about anything from a shoe for hours of work in the kitchen to an awesome stovetop popcorn maker to seafood to cooking in a new kitchen in Los Angeles. The posts were not sponsored by a company and we didn’t receive any compensation, it was just another way to give you, our readers, a kitchen tip or trick. Also, more likely than not you get to see a glimpse into our kitchens!

Fast-foward to today and what do I find in the FSC drafts?! A completed WNIMKW post by Christine!!! So, I guess without further chit chat, we are resurrecting the {WNIMKW} series and Christine will discuss her love affair with her Mr. Vitamix! Va Va voom!

Looking back at all 19 posts, I believe it is a great series and I’m excited to have the FSC ladies to contribute to this series when possible. -Christina

I own a Vitamix. Yes, a Vitamix. That super expensive blender with the impressive infomercials. And you know what? I think it’s worth the hype. I don’t receive any compensation for saying this, but having a Vitamix has actually transformed the way I eat.

I’ve been getting into a morning smoothie habit over the past year or two. It started off innocently enough, with a banana and a few berries blended with almond or soy milk. Then I started adding in my leafy greens. And sometimes I’d toss in a carrot or frozen butternut squash. Every once and awhile, I’d toss a cucumber or other veggie in there and would try to blend it up into a smooth, drinkable concoction. I found my other blenders (a cheapo regular blender and a really awesome immersion blender) just weren’t doing the job for smoothies. I’d gag on pieces of kale or would walk around unknowingly with huge chunks of fruit stuck between my teeth. So I started thinking about an upgrade.

There are plenty of awesome blenders out there. Plenty! For me, though, I only had eyes for the Vitamix. I watched their promos online and wondered if they could really pulverize entire whole fruits and vegetables or if they could actually be used to make peanut butter or non-dairy milks. So I saved my money, took my time and finally took the splurge a few months ago. They cost a lot of money, so I was concerned that I wouldn’t get enough use out of it to justify the hefty price tag. I can happily report that I use my Vitamix almost every day and I’m still completely in love with it.

I’ve made smoothies. The best smoothies I’ve ever had, in fact. You can add almost anything and the Vitamix will effortlessly blend and pulverize it into a smooth drink. A handful of spinach, a cup of ice, raw carrots, etc. It has allowed me to get much more creative and daring with my smoothie combinations, adding questionable veggies to my morning drink without fear of a strange texture or floating chunks of roughage. In any given week, at least four or five of my breakfasts are smoothies. Today I followed up my smoothie with a mid-morning chocolate bar, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, before that chocolate bar I had already consumed 2+ full servings of vegetables without even noticing!

You can make alt milks in the Vitamix– homemade almond milk, rice milk… even soy milk if you were so inclined. You just blend up your base with a bit of water and then strain it through a nut milk bag. Ta da! Homemade non-dairy milk. You can get crazy with your raw & vegan foods and blend up vegan cashew cheese and “cream” sauces. You can even make hot soups and sauces right in the Vitamix: something about the friction of the blades will actually heat up ingredients when blended for a long enough time, usually somewhere over 7 minutes. We haven’t tried soup yet but we made a creamy butternut squash pasta sauce in it and, sure enough, it came out piping hot and ready to serve. For Super Bowl Sunday, we whipped up a batch of vegan spinach cashew dip completely in the Vitamix.

Let’s see, what else? Whole fruit margaritas! Yup, throw away those chemical margarita blends and just add a lemon, lime & bit of orange to your blender with some tequila, ice, sugar & water. Or you could make “ice cream” in it, which isn’t quite ice cream but serves the same purpose. You don’t even need to freeze it, just add your ingredients with some ice and blend until frozen. You can make your own nut butters, though I’ve had good luck making those in my food processor.

Bottom line is that I’m eating way more veggies each day now that I have my Vitamix. But like I said, there are plenty of great blenders out there. Do you have a favorite? Do you even have a blender? I also love my immersion blender and my food processor dearly for different tasks.


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  1. Jennifer H says:

    I rely on morning smoothies to jump-start to my work day. For nearly 10 years my little stainless steel Waring blender has been up to the task. But I admit that I haven’t been as adventurous as you with ingredients. Now I’m seeing signs of wear with my Waring, but your post has given me hope. When the time comes, I will mourn its passing, but perhaps a VitaMix will heal the pain 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christine says:

      Love those morning smoothies 🙂

  2. I bought the “Blendtec” blender ~ the competitor to VItamix….and it does have a soup setting so that you can blend ingredients and have soup come out piping hot in minutes…awesomness! When I was on my “Blendtec hign”, I convinced about five people to buy one and they haven’t regretted it! Every household needs one or a Vitamix…a must in life!

    1. Christine says:

      Ah yes, the Blendtec! A worthy equal to the Vitamix. Glad to hear it’s working out so well for you 🙂

  3. what the cuss, FSC? why you gotta feed my vitamix lust? i want to blend whole veggies “without fear of a strange texture or floating chunks of roughage!” go away, roughage!

    1. Christine says:

      Say goodbye to floating chunks of roughage. Say hello to your future.

  4. Heather F. says:

    I would love to get a vitamix some day. I want to make my own dry flours with it, most especially almond flour for paleo baking.

    1. Christine says:

      I didn’t get the dry blade attachment, but I am completley intrigued by grinding your own flours! Maybe that’s the next step…

  5. Shira says:

    OMG – how awesome! Honestly, my husband still owes me a Vitamix from a bet we made about 10 years ago (it’s a bit of a running joke around here) – you are seriously inspiring me to look again….my Osterizer has been doing okay though! Been loving the morning green smoothie, it’s often enough to get me through to dinner and I feel great! Conrats on your blender! I am a fairly new reader to your blog. Love this post!

    1. Christine says:

      Welcome to FSC! We’re happy to have you here. Make that hubster buy you a Vitamix, stat! Ha, or keep working it with the Osterizer, as long as you get those green smoothies in 🙂

  6. jess says:

    I got on the smoothie bandwagon hardcore a few weeks ago and so far I have to say my Oster is performing admirably, even on ice cubes…that being said, I am dying for an immersion blender and would consider getting a juicer if all the reviews out there didn’t suggest you get a $300 or don’t even bother.

    1. Christine says:

      I know, I was torn for awhile between getting a juicer or a big-time blender. My friend has a Breville juicer that she loves, but I think I’m more into smoothies and other blended treats for now. Enjoy the smoothie bandwagon!

  7. there is no comparison. and even though a vita-mix might cost $400 you will have it for the rest of your life. a life that would otherwise be spent buying many lesser blenders for 50-100. i could not live with out it ! it does allow you to eat and snack in such a healthier way.

    1. Christine says:

      Indeed, it was a LOT of money to shell out for a blender but I have a feeling I’ll love it forever 🙂

  8. Becky says:

    jealous! totally want one of these. your smoothies look great, and love the idea of your whole fruit margaritas!!!!!

    1. Christine says:

      FSC Whole Fruit Margarita happy hour, coming soon…

      1. Becky says:

        YES, AND YES!

  9. Chris says:

    I want one! I use my blender at least once a day. It is very good, but I’d really like to grind flowers and make almond milk. Is the VitaMix easy to clean?

    1. Christine says:

      For most normal things, it’s super easy to clean. Anytime I make a smoothie or sauce, I rinse it quickly, fill it up halfway with soapy water and then blend for 30-45 seconds. Done. If you make nut butters or other sticky things, you would probably have to wash it by hand but on a daily basis, it’s really convenient to keep clean.

  10. Angela Watts says:

    I inherited my Vitamix from my grandfather. He bought it from the pages of Organic Gardening magazine back in the day ( as well as his dehydrator and Mantis) and its worked like a mule ever since. With any luck I can pass it on to another generation behind me.

    Same motor makes McFlurries and other blended ice cream creations at restaurants all over.

    1. Christine says:

      An inherited Vitamix! Wow, I guess they do last a long time 🙂 And now I’m going to go make a few homemade McFlurries…

  11. Dianna says:

    I’m in. Next gift giving occasion, they are getting me one. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Christine says:

      It’s so worth it.

  12. Foster says:

    Everything looks absolutely delicious in your writings. I have not delved completely in to your words or your images as far as I’d like, but I wonder have you frequented the Troy Waterfront Market? I did some billboards for them a few years in a row now and it seems like a fantastic idea and place!

    Your collective is genius, well-thought out beautifully executed. Good job to all of you. It’s nice to hear so many different voices!

    1. Christine says:

      I personally shop at the Troy Market & From Scratch Club is does frequent community outreach there! We set up a table and do DIY cooking demos, offer recipes & tips for cooking from scratch and spread the word to farmers markets’ shoppers! Check our community outreach page for more info!

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂 The FSC ladies are seriously awesome.

      1. Foster says:

        I concur. You have my vote. Keep spreading the awesomesauce!

  13. blendtech says:

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