{4 saturdays, 4 giveaways} The Feedback Giveaway


The winner of their choice of Keeping Bees or Keeping Chickens or Home Dairy or Canning & {reserving by Ashley English is: LUCKY #3: KIMMER: “Took the poll, recipes, local food and vendor information, all make me read the blog, the local look at food, gardens, farms, products is why this is one of my favorite blogs!”

The two winners of a full-color bound copy of From Scratch Holidays are:
MBHUNT:I answered the survey. Twitter chats are also fun!
JUDE: “took the poll. would love more DIY

Kimmer, Mbhunt & Jude: Please email me at fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address. I am sending ALL giveaway books out on Tuesday. Kimmer, make sure to tell me which book you want!

Thank you to all who took the survey & entered the giveaway. Your responses confirmed A LOT of good stuff we have in-store for the future and THANK YOU for such amazing positive feedback & support. Thank You- Christina

{Christine, Becky & Erika at HVCC’s Michael Pollan’s reception}

Hello Readers!
For this final ‘{4 saturdays, 4 giveaways} giveaway’, we have a HUGE favor to ask.

Could you fill out this short poll for us?

We want to know more about YOU and what YOU would like to learn from FSC in 2012.
You see, we have B-I-G plans for 2012 & beyond. We want to expand our ‘outside the blog post’ activities into a business of sorts (ebooks, podcast, DIY Academy, ect) but we first wanna make sure there is some interest. In addition, we want to focus our blog content on what you wanna learn. From the ‘back end’ of the blog, I can see that some topics are a hit and some are misses.
We also want to know if you want us to utilize our Facebook page more with original content as its seems our Facebook page is gaining readership. (we had over 1 million views on the page in 2011!)
Therefore, we need your help!
If you fill out this quick survey, please comment below that you did so and you will be entered to win 1 copy of one of Ashley English’s books from her ‘Homemade Living’ Series: Keeping Bees or Home Dairy or Keeping Chickens or Canning/Preserving.
In addition, two comments will also win  a full-color copy of our EBook, From Scratch Holidays. (RULES: after the poll questions)
Christina & the FSC Gang


  • Open to US residents only (or International residents with a US shipping address)
  • Giveaway ends at midnight Friday, February 10th, 2012
    The winner will be announced next Saturday, February 11th. (after 2pm, post farmers market!)
  • We will pick the winning comment randomly via random.org.
  • All entries will be in the form of a comment. You can comment up to ONE TIME by doing the following:

Tell Us you answered the poll questions above and if you wanna add any reader feedback, we’ve LOVE IT!!!

Again, ALL entries (ONE COMMENT ONLY) need to be in the form of a comment below.
Other comments on other posts (or on Facebook or Twitter) will not count towards this giveaway.



59 Comments Add yours

  1. Questions answered : )

    I’d love to see all your hard work turn into a wildly successful business. I really admire the job you’ve done with the blog – the diversity of contributions, the stylishness, approachability, relevance and quality throughout is pretty inspiring.

    I hope you find a way to keep ads consistent with the mission and find a way to get your information free to those who need help finding ways to feed their families good food on tight budgets.

    Of course, all while earning gazillions of well-deserved income for yourselves….

  2. Kathryn Jones says:

    Poll complete…blogs with recipes are all good but a dime a dozen…what keeps me coming back here is the food and local event news…the personal stories that share gardening, farming/ homesteading…you are teaching others by your example how to join CSA’s, garden, even work on farms and therefore learn to be part and parcel to the food they eat, wool they wear, etc….

  3. Kimmer says:

    Took the poll, recipes, local food and vendor information, all make me read the blog, the local look at food, gardens, farms, products is why this is one of my favorite blogs!

  4. Completed the poll. I just found your Facebook page and blog yesterday. I am interested in all you have offered and am looking forward to participating in food swaps and other events. Thanks.

  5. Krystina Konanec says:

    Took the poll- love you guys- please keep up all of the good work 🙂

  6. Bonnie says:

    Survey finished! A Midwest reader new to this blog within the last few weeks, but I’m looking forward to all you are planning!

  7. Amy says:

    Survey completed………….Love anything homemade. This is truly a great site for woman who want to use their God given talents. Keep up the good work.

  8. Kris says:

    Poll complete.
    I love this blog for its diversity of content! I had difficulty picking just three favorite focuses, because I enjoy all the topics this group has written about. I hope you have great success launching your business!

  9. Sarah Stelzl says:

    I completed the survey =)
    I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your 2011 posts – especially the ones that involved making things from scratch (like butter). I love gardening, and farming (well, I just have honeybees right now), so I’m always interested in blogs like this one =)

  10. jonquil says:

    Poll complete! New reader loving what I’m seeing so far 🙂

  11. Laura says:

    Great idea!! Thanks for asking what we think and/or want too. I get a dozen or so blog entries in my inbox everyday and some I read and some I don’t depending on content. Those who offer more in education and diy keep me reading. I often share your blog posts with our Time Bank (Battenkill Time Traders) and know that several are now following you for the same reasons. Keep up the great work!

  12. Margaret says:

    Did the survey! I love all the recipes and DIY ideas. Thanks ladies.

  13. butherbean says:

    Just found your website a few weeks ago and am loving the variety of posts!

  14. Erica Brown says:

    Did the poll, lover your site!

  15. Erica Brown says:

    Lol love not lover, sorry baby on lap.

  16. on the gad says:

    just completed your poll with the help of sunrise cereal and coffee . . . thanks!

  17. Elizabeth Kilpatrick says:

    Took the poll!

  18. Jude says:

    took the poll. would love more DIY

  19. Kim F (Elias's mom) says:

    Completed the poll. Love this blog and have gotten so many good tips and ideas from all of you. I am having so much fun making so many of the things in your first e-books. My favorite are new food/body things to try which are pretty easy.

  20. Erin Olson says:

    Took the poll! 🙂

  21. Kate H. says:

    Did the poll, love the site. I like the recipes but that’s not what brings me back to FSC. It’s the food policy stuff, local events, and the DIY. I would love some local classes on cheese making, canning etc.

  22. Kelly F. says:

    Poll has been done-did! FSC, I am so thankful for you! From interesting blogs, advocating great local businesses, to monthly food swaps…just awesome!!

  23. Shirley Marcroft says:

    Completed the poll.
    I really like what you’re doing @ FSC.
    Can’t wait the see your new info / classes / ebooks.

  24. Jennifer H says:

    Survey complete.

    The topics question was tough because all those areas are important. I answered that survey question but it may have been better feedback to rank the list instead of choosing three.

    What makes FSC stand out to me is your personal connection to any of those. Your stories make things matter that otherwise seem just part of the noise. That said, politics and events are important for the bigger picture, but I don’t want the recipes to be underestimated. I’ve hit some home runs with several FSC-inspired dishes or DIY ideas!

  25. Nicolle says:

    Completed the survey! These always get me excited for the weekend. 🙂

    Keep up the great work.

  26. kate says:

    Took the survey! I would LOVE some DIY classes as our family is getting more and more into from scratch cooking and sustainable living. Great blog. Tons of information with personal touches thrown in.

  27. Elle says:

    Survey complete. I’m most excited at the DIY school, but love all the work and effort and passion you ladies put into this blog. Thank you!

  28. Tara says:

    Questions answered! 😀

    I love content on DIY and better urban living. We’re just not able to get land, or often a backyard, so I like information on small/container gardening, how to source things better, etc. And classes! Thanks!

  29. Melissa says:

    Took the poll. Thanks for all that you guys do. You are all fabulous!

  30. sue v says:

    I took the survey

  31. Nadia says:

    I answered! And I am eagerly hopeful that we’ll have cheese-making classes and such on the horizon! I ❤ FSC!

  32. Poll Complete! A cheese making class and coverage of bee keeping, chicken raising would be great!

    1. Christina says:

      Hi Cindy!

      Since you requested chicken-info, i do want to point you to Liz’s 3-part series on Backyard Chickens. If there is something particular you wanna learn about backyard chickens, PLEASE, let us know. Liz is always up for more Chicken DIY!

      Here’s the link to all three posts:

      1) https://fromscratchclub.com/2011/09/14/diy-backyard-chickens-for-the-love-of-one-good-egg/

      2) https://fromscratchclub.com/2011/09/29/diy-backyard-chickens-the-coop/

      3) https://fromscratchclub.com/2011/10/31/diy-backyard-chickens-go-for-it/

      Thanks for reading Cindy!
      Christina, Editor

  33. jess says:

    I did the survey. and omgz yes please to local classes!

  34. Adkview says:

    Answered the questions as someone who is new to your fb page. Looks like great info on here!

  35. Kelly L. says:

    Poll: done! Keep up the great work!!

  36. Ona says:

    Survey Complete.

    I love all that you ladies do! You are one of the blogs that I always follow and that is for the following reasons:

    1) You are local and I get to interact with some fantastic people
    2) You supply real skill education and not only recipes (even though the recipes are wonderful too!)

  37. Ona says:

    ooops, and one more thing…

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of DIY classes!

  38. Elizabeth Haggerty says:

    Cant wait to see what you guys get up to in 2012 sounds like its going to be a great year!

  39. Kathy says:

    Great blog. I am local and love to hear local events. I love that you are carrying on some traditions of a bygone era and creating some new ones of your own.

  40. Alissa says:

    Survey taken! The podcast idea could be a good one!

    1. Alissa says:

      And the local classes! They would be super fun.

  41. Mara says:

    Voted! 🙂

  42. Jenna C. says:

    Survey taken. A local class would be super fun.

  43. Gina says:

    I just signed up for my first food swap, and love this blog! We have such a bounty of great food in the Capital Region/Catskills/Upper Hudson Valley, I like the community you have here on the blog and through the food swaps.

  44. Lindsay says:

    Took the poll have had my eye on Ashley’s book hope I win.

  45. Tammy Allee says:

    I answered the majority of the poll questions. I was unable to answer the question for local readers because I live in Colorado! My son did live in Saratoga County and if he still lived there I would attend your workshops. I absolutely love your blog, Keep up the great work!

  46. maria says:

    Took the poll. Enjoy following you on facebook!

  47. D says:

    Took your poll. Wish I lived closer!

  48. Nomi says:

    I filled out the info. I LOVE the food swaps. I think you guys are great and what you bring to this area and the web is fantastic. Keep it up!

  49. mbhunt says:

    I answered the survey. Twitter chats are also fun!

  50. Mike R says:

    Took the poll!

  51. laura h says:

    I have been surveyed. 🙂

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