{4 saturdays, 4 giveaways} U-Pick

UPDATE: 7:30am Saturday February 4th: THE WINNER IS SARA and she requested “What to Eat” By Marion Nestle! Therefore, we know have “An Everlasting Meal” and “What to Eat” in our 2012 FSC Book Club selections. CONGRATS SARA! Please email us at fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com. The winner of the FSC bonanza (bookmark, full-color copy of From Scratch Holidays, FSC recipe cards and a strawberry corer/tomato huller) is Jacky! Sara & Jacky: please email me at fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com with your shipping address. ALL books & FSC stuff are going out this week (we’ve been sick here..trying to catch up!) -Christina

Editor’s Note: Before uncovering our 3rd giveaway details, I need to announce the winner of All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking by Molly Stevens.

…and the winner is: KELLY L “ooo ooo ooo!! I have been craving pot roast lately, but I have never braised anything myself. I was going to make the Vinegar-Marinated Pot Roast from How to Cook Everything. And those braised scallops above sound FAB. U. LOUS.”

Our second place winner, who will receive 1 copy of our 24-page Ebook ‘From Scratch Holiday’, a bookmark, a set of FSC Recipe Cards with a tomato corer/strawberry huller is: JACKY “I have never created a braised dish, this books looks like a great place to start!”

Congrats to you both! Please email us your shipping address to fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com. -Christina

Did you read Christine’s post ?
You should.
This week’s giveaway is all about you & Christine’s list o’ books.

Our 3rd Giveaway is:


  • Open to US residents only (or International residents with a US shipping address)
  • Giveaway ends at midnight Friday, February 3rd, 2012
    The winner will be announced next Saturday, February 4th at the beginning of our final {4 saturdays, 4 giveaways} posts.
  • We will pick the winning comment randomly via random.org.
  • All entries will be in the form of a comment. You can comment up to two times by doing the following:

1st comment: What book do you want to win?

2nd comment: tell us you did one of the following:

“friend” FSC on Facebook
“friend” our food swap page: FSC Swappers or
follow us on Pinterest or
follow us on Twitter
or post this giveaway on your Facebook page.

Again, ALL entries (up to two total) need to be in the form of a two separate comments below. Other comments on other posts (or on Facebook or Twitter) will not count towards this giveaway.



45 Comments Add yours

  1. Make The Bread, Buy the Butter is what I want to win.

  2. jonquil says:

    A Homemade Life is what I want to win.

  3. jonquil says:

    FSC is my friend on Facebook!

  4. Jacky says:

    Sweet, the holiday book looks awesome!

  5. Jacky says:

    Follow you on Twitter!

  6. Kate H. says:

    Just friended (is that a word?) the FSC swappers, I’m already a friend of the From Scratch Club.
    Really want An Everlasting Meal and since I wasn’t lucky last time maybe the second times the charm.

  7. on the gad says:

    oooh! i need a copy of molly’s A Homemade Life . . .

  8. on the gad says:

    and i follow scratchclub on twitter, thanks

  9. Kimmer says:

    Julie Child My Life in France, she is such an inspiration!

  10. Kimmer says:

    I’m already a friend, I shared the contest on FB and I am now a Pinterest follower. thanks

  11. Sara says:

    Wow, it turns out I’ve read a fair amount of these books, though probably less than half–which is great because now I have a lot of book recommendations. Anyway, to get back on topic–it’s a hard choice, but I’ll say Marion Nestle’s What to Eat, only because it’s ridiculous that I haven’t read it yet.

  12. Sara says:

    OK, I shared on FB and I’m already a friend, anyway!

  13. I friended FSC just this morning. I would love to have My Life in France by Julia Child. It has been on my to read list for a while but I have not yet been able to read it.

  14. Kyla says:

    I’m a FSC and a FSC Swapper friend.

  15. Kyla says:

    I’d go for the art of eating in.

  16. Jennifer H says:

    I would choose Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: What You Should and Shouldn’t Cook From Scratch by Jennifer Reese. Figuring that out (one food at a time) has been an ongoing quest. I love that this author devoted a book’s worth of time and effort to this topic!

  17. Jennifer H says:

    I just posted this giveaway on my FB page.

  18. Mike R says:

    I would love to win “What to Eat” by Marion Nestle!

  19. Mike R says:

    And I just liked FSC on Facebook.

  20. rebekah says:

    How to choose just one?? I’ll start with ‘An Everlasting Meal…..’

  21. rebekah says:

    And I liked FSC on f.b.

  22. jude says:

    An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler. i am intrigued by her ideas.

  23. jude says:

    we are facebook friends

  24. Nicolle says:

    I would like Closing the Food Gap by Mark Winne. It sounds very interesting.

  25. Nicolle says:

    We’re already friends on FB 🙂

  26. Kizzi Casale says:

    I would love to win Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite writers anyway, and I would love to read a memoir of the practicalities of a local foods diet, particularly given that her husband and children weigh in.

  27. Kizzi Casale says:

    And I friended the swappers on FB!

  28. Nichole says:

    I would love A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table! 🙂

  29. Kris says:

    Food Matters has been on my to read list for the longest, so that would be my pick.

  30. I would love to win Nourishing Traditions!

  31. I friended FSC on fb.

  32. Aimee G says:

    I’m torn since there are so many amazing titles to choose from, but I will go with ‘An Everlasting Meal’ as the book I’d like to win. I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things about it, and it seems like a perennially inspirational one!

  33. Aimee G says:

    I am am a “friend” of FSC and FSC Swappers on Facebook, and follow on both Pinterest and Twitter!

  34. Jen says:

    I would love to win the dirty life, it seems like a really good read!

  35. Jen says:

    already follow you on twitter!

  36. Allo! Its a meaty list and difficult to pick just one book from it! Thankfully, I already have 6 of these great books, which helps to narrow it down. I would LOVE to win A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table by Molly Wizenberg. I love memoirs, cooking at home, shopping markets and I beyond love Paris so it sounds right up my alley! Plus I love memoirs dotted with recipes so you can cook along as you read.

    Thank you!

  37. Erica Brown says:

    Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: What You Should and Shouldn’t Cook From Scratch by Jennifer Reese.

  38. Erica Brown says:

    I have shared this on facebook

  39. Erin Olson says:

    I would love to win What to Eat, it sounds like just what I’ve been looking for!

  40. Erin Olson says:

    Now following on Pinterest! Yay!

  41. Deborah Guilfoyle says:

    added pinterest to my list of ways to follow the awesomeness that is FSC!

  42. Leanne says:

    I would love “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter”. I like experimenting at making things at home that most buy, but I hate wasting my time!

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