{the new year} A New Garden

{Our main garden in quiet rest}

After the big fall harvest my garden, my husband, and I am ready for a break. We begin to put most all things outdoors to rest, batten down the hatches, and embrace winter. Our minds take a respite during the month of November and December from gardening but once the calendar shows January 1st all things become new. A new excitement for planning a successful year of gardening comes over me and I pull out my handy-dandy graph paper, seed catalogue, and my husband pulls up a chair. He is the dreamer and each year we add at least one new thing to our 1-acre of land that we  endeavor to maximize.

So what’s new on the agenda for my home this year?

  • More fruit trees. We have a few apple and pear trees but my dream is to take on some of the awesome projects that my friend Deanna pulls off yearly.
  • More squash and onions. I plan to implement some more of Deanna’s cold storage techniques that she shared with us so that I can have my own squash and onions year round. My husband and I use squash, carrots, onion, and celery in almost every recipe we make in the winter months.
  • Rabbits. We actually just purchased two New Zealand Rabbits and one Thrianta. They are pets to my children and provide immediate fertilizer for our garden. They are so much fun for us to have around and we are hoping to have brand new babies in time for Easter!

{Rusty the Rabbit}

  • Garden landscaping. My dad does this every year and I’m determined to pull this off by making new beds in the back around our patio.
  • More dehydrating and meal prep. I find dehydrating and vacuum sealing much easier than canning. I’m planning to make my own dry soup mixes that will be ready to throw in a pot on those busy nights and have dinner ready in no time at all. My dehydrator comes in handy when I’m not using italian flat leaf parsley at the same rate as it grows in my kitchen. It’s time to dehydrate it and store in a glass jar.


  • More grain-free/paleo baking. Just as I was getting really comfortable with gluten-free baking when my doctor and I concluded that I pretty much cannot tolerate most grains. I’m enjoying trying out various recipes and hope to make some of my own eventually. So far almond flour and agave are my best friend. Are there any paleo or grain-free readers out there?
  • Find small, easy, new ideas and make it happen. I saw here that you can take your green onion ends and stick them in a bowl with some water. The onions will begin to grow. Just cut when needed! So easy, right?
  • Live life in balance. I know that I could make myself bonkers with all of the really good information that pops up everywhere. I instantaneously want to try every project, right then. I’m looking forward to diving into my projects at a reasonable rate. I generally find that the more pressure I put on myself to accomplish a new task the more stressed I become and, inevitably, less likely to enjoy new things. I’m giving myself permission to take things one day at a time and incorporate my family in as much of those activities as possible. I’ll keep you posted!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mil says:

    Many of my resolutions are similar to yours. I’ve been wanting rabbits for manure. Another resolution is to make one new recipe each week.

    I’m versed in paleo, but don’t so it exclusively because I love eating so much, but I do try to limit the gluten.

    1. Heather F. says:

      Good for you, Mil! All I know is that I feel so much better doing it!

  2. Betsy says:

    Exciting, and the bunny is so cute!

    1. Heather F. says:

      Thanks, Besty! We love him!

  3. Becky says:

    cute bunny!!! I am sure your kids are so happy to have their new pet! As for your garden endeavors for 2012, I am sure they will be fantastic. More fruit trees!! How fun. Can’t wait to see it this spring/summer!!!

  4. Deanna says:

    “Live life in balance.” Perfect. Sometimes I feel my mind might explode from all the great info out there, and sometimes it makes me feel super-inadequate that I can do it all. Your resolution is something I really need to take to heart… I know it will make me happier.

    Thanks for the shout-outs. I want to learn about grafting, so that when I plant new apple and pear trees (to replace those that we lost from Hurricane Irene) I can graft on branches from the heirloom varieties that are original to our farm. If you want help with your apples (or want to bring your harvest out here to use our press!), feel free to reach out!

    Good luck with all your 2012 resolutions!

  5. SunnyD says:

    I love the layout of your gardens and am inspired to try something similar when we get some more land. This is a great blog–I’m having fun reading through everything and thinking about what we should try this summer!

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