{the new year} New Beginnings are Lovely

I’ve moved a lot in my life and although it can be scary and stressful it also means a fresh start. That’s how I feel at the beginning of each new year. There are always a lot of unknowns but the simple fact of it being fresh and new makes it seem like there’s a whole world of opportunities on the horizon.

This year will have many monumental milestones for my family. For starters, my husband finishes up his employment with the Navy. After 8.5 years this is going to feel so good when he can finally just be a civilian, and when he will have a normal schedule and not technically be owned by the people he works for. Yep, he’s literally owned by the government at the moment.

Second, I will officially have some sort of “farm” product of my own to sell. This spring I’m getting bees for the first time ever. I’m so incredibly excited about this. They will be at a friend’s farm and I’m really hoping they are healthy and happy so that I can have honey to harvest in the fall. After a few years of getting to sell the products produced by other farms, it’ll feel great to have something I can call my own. Philip (Michael Kilpatrick’s older brother) and I will also try our hand at managing the KFF hives this coming year too.

There’s also a possibility I could rent a patch of land to grow vegetables on. It’s owned by a friend of mine and is right up the road. If it’s affordable enough for me to clear it and irrigate it, I may grow some vegetables there this summer. At the very least I’d really love to save up this year to do it in 2013.

I’m going to have a garden again but be much more practical about it this year. I don’t really need to grow every variety of tomato I can get my hands on. In  February when I start ordering my seeds for the year I’m going to take a good look at what I already have on hand, the space available, and what I think I’ll actually use. Last year I forgot to label a bunch of things, and planted too much, and then proceeded to be lazy about harvesting. It was shameful and not something I plan to repeat.

I want to try new methods of cooking this year, and cooking recipes that aren’t run-of-the-mill for me. At least once a week I want to cook something out of the norm to challenge myself and to bring tasty new foods into the rotation. I’ll also be testing out a few fun things at the upcoming food swaps.

Lastly, in December I got back to exercising after a huge hiatus. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend derby practice for some time now and my current schedule doesn’t look like it will let up for at least a few more months. I decided to take a step back to a volunteer role for now, but that means I’ve also been quite the lazy lady for awhile. I miss the feeling of knowing I just pushed myself really hard physically so I’ve began running and have decided to run five 5Ks this year plus the Warrior Dash. I’ll need all the exercise I can get with all the yummy food I’ll be consuming this year, especially with 12 FSC Swapper events!

I hope that you have a happy and productive New Year as well!


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  1. i’m so excited for everything you guys have to look forward to in the coming years. i wish i was going to be close enough to see it all firsthand. at the same time, i’m so excited we’re getting out too, and i’m so eager to find out where were going!

  2. Erika T. says:

    Oh man I’m excited for both of us! I’m also glad you are moving to the greatest region of the country so that I can go visit and stalk you all the time. 🙂

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