{recap} Goodbye 2011

We wish you all a healthy, happy, fun & fabulous 2012!


It is 8am on January 1, 2012 and I couldn’t be more excited.

A new year.

A fresh start.

A beginning.

And an end. Goodbye 2011.

{FSC Swappers, Albany, November 2011}

Speaking purely in terms of the FSC, 2011 was a banner year. It was our first full year of blogging. We began the year participating in Dark Days Challenge 2011. We continued with a house party, our first food swap & dessert potluck to celebrate Kate Payne‘s first book of many, Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking. At this very party, I met some amazing women and invited them into the FSC Vortex: Liz, Deanna, Erika, Jillian, and Christine. After the success of the food swap portion of the party, we got crazy and began FSC Swappers, our food swap events. First, in May in Saratoga at Common Thread Saratoga then in July at All Good Bakers in Albany. At these Albany Swaps, we made the talent pool even bigger with All Good Bakers Co-Owner Britin and getting to know Becky and Heather. We garnered a lot of press attention for the swaps with a story in the weekly free alternative paper, Metroland and then with a glossy two-page story in our region’s big newpaper, Times Union, monthly magazine:  Life @Home. We continued with two swaps a month with over 50 swappers a month participating–amazing!

{KFF Stand. The coldest day of the summer market in October. We’re eating Liz’s AMAZING cinnamon rolls}

On a personal development note, in March 2011, I took the job of CSA Coordinator at Kilpatrick Family Farm which was a relationship that developed during 2009 & 2010, most of which was written about on the blog. Its been a fabulous year with the farm, and I’m so lucky to have such a meaningful job in food connecting families with their passionate, dedicated & enthusiastic young farmer and glorious food he & his team grows. It doesn’t hurt that I get to hang with FSC Contributors Erika & Jillian every Saturday and providing food (and gossip) to Dianna (Fall & Winter Only), Alexis, Liz, and Christine.

{Fundraiser checks being handed out. LEFT Justine Denison. RIGHT Michael Kilpatrick}

Speaking of farming, August 28th was a day that no area farm will forget for a long, long time. IRENE came to town and decimated many farms in Vermont and in Schoharie County, NY. Locally, many farms including KFF and Denison Farm, had major crop damage. We gathered together a great bunch of gift baskets from local farms, blogs, businesses & caring CSA members and community members to create a fundraiser that collected a total of $2340.96, this number included a fundraiser for FSC Contributor Amanda too (she lost her home & all of her belongings in a house fire during Irene).

FSC at Harvest Fest 2011

In October we started a whole new venture: Community Outreach. We brought out DIYing antics & smiling faces to Honest Weight Coop‘s Harvest Fest on October 1st. It was a four-hour blur with enthusiastic attendees and demos-galore! It was truly one of the high lights of 2011. Since we received such positive response,we began setting up shop as the ‘community table’ once a month at local farmers markets- Delmar Farmers Market & Troy Farmers Market. Its been so much fun introducing (or reintroducing) simple DIY projects via demos & samples to farmer market customers. We shared recipes and techniques- w received nothing less than hugs & smiles. We’re excited to continue in 2012.

{Christine, Becky & Erika at Michael Pollan Event & Christine at our ‘community table’ at Delmar Farmers Market}

And how could I forget- we had an outreach table at the Michael Pollen after-party… that was after I sat with him and 20 others at a glorious dinner made by the collective: Chef’s Consortium. A night to remember for a long, long time.

Lastly in November & December we had a BLAST talking all things ‘from scratch holiday’ from edible gifts to seasonal recipes. Heather started us out with a “how to” roast coffee, which I will admit was given to friends & family, to Erika’s Body Scrub to Britin’s Irish Creamto Becky’s DIY Food Coloring to Dianna’s Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peels to Deanna’s De-mystifiying the Cheese Plate to Christine’s Chai Concentrate to Jillian’s Easy Toffee Cookies to Alexis’ Challah to Liz’s fudge. For all our edible gift recipes, our last post of 2011 was a round-up. Check it, because seriously most of these gifts are for anytime: birthdays, anniversaries, new apartment, new home….we also created our very first Ebook, ‘from scratch holidays” with 11 recipes w/ LOTS of variations & tips. We are planning more Ebooks (and so much more!) for 2012… can’t wait to share!!!! (its killing me)

{Dianna’s Garlic Harvest Post}

Before I list the “top posts of 2011”, I wanted to mention that we were honored to be featured on WordPress.com’s “Freshly Pressed” front page aggregate page three times in 2011. Therefore, those three posts were the most viewed of the year. I’m not including them in the “top posts” list so I will list them here.


1. January 12, 2011: {New Year} Projects to Keep Me On My Toes. I will be reflecting on this post in my 2012 New Years ramblings in a couple of weeks…

2. July 19, 2011: Dianna’s {Community Sharecropping} July is for Garlic Harvest. This is still popular, especially on Pinterest.

3. November 18, 2011: {From Scratch Holidays} maple, citrus & ginger cranberry preserves by me.

Cover of our Ebook!


1. Our Ebook: From Scratch Holidays by the FSC Team (Thank you so much!)

2. Cold & Flu Season w/ Fire Cider by Britin

3. {edible gift} Homemade Chai Concentrate by Christine

4. {DIY Apple Cider} From Tree to Tummy by Deanna

5. {from scratch holidays} DIY Natural Food Coloring by Becky

6. {drink it up} Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey Refresher by Deanna

7. {free printables} Holiday Gift & Canning Labels by Christine

8. {No crust} Apple Pie by Christine

9. {fundraiser} For the Farms: Denison Farm & Kilpatrick Family Farm by the FSC Team

10. {edible gift} Homemade Irish Cream by Britin

11. {how to} Cold Storage 101 by Deanna

12. {Paneer} Simple Frying Cheese by Dianna

13. {from scratch holidays} Scrub-A-Dub-Dub by Erika

14. {St. Patricks Day} Corned Beef & Cabbage by me

15. {sprouting} growing food in small spaces by Christine

16. {recipe} Butternut Squash Muffins by Jillian

17. {In a Pickle} The Asthetic Charm of Eggs Pickled with Beets by Alexis

18. {Valentine’s Day} Host a Cupcake Decorating Party by Amanda

19. {FSC Swappers} Swap Fever by Albany Swapper Leah

20. {edible gifts} DIY Coffee Creamer by Heather

21. {St. Patricks Day} Boxty on the Griddle by Dianna

22. {Locavore Challenge} a locavore’s guide to booze by Deanna

23. {Dispatch} from a small kitchen by Christine

24. {Pantry Staple} Perfect Homemade Sandwich Bread by Liz

25. {Simple} Homemade Yogurt Cheese by Dianna

26.{reflections of a daughter} DIY Coffee Roasting by Heather

27. {In Season} Hakurei Turnips by Jillian

28. {soup swap} Chickpea Miso Soup by me

29. {DIY Backyard Chickens} for the love of one good egg by Liz

30. {community sharecropping} How to Braid Garlic by Dianna

and for good measure: {How To} Tap Your Own Maple Syrup by Dianna.

Lastly, our most popular permanent pages are: {FSC Swappers} Food Swaps, {FSC Swappers} Albany, and {Who We Are}.


Thank you for an INCREDIBLE 2011. This is a blog so  frankly without YOU (fabulous reader & community member & swapper ) we wouldn’t be here…

*We have exciting plans for 2012…hold on tight!*


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianna Goodwin says:

    I get exhausted just reading this post! Good work team, especially you, Chris, our whirlwind organizing genius.

  2. Happy New to you too! I look forward to more great recipes and comments! You have a great blog!

    1. Christina says:

      Happy New Year Leslie! Thank you for the kind words- I hope 2012 is kick ass for both of us!!! YAY!

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