{from scratch holidays} Roasted Root Vegetables

After a great harvest I’m always looking for a way to use up my root vegetables. It’s so easy to incorporate these little gems into your Thanksgiving festivities this week. Root vegetables are so flavorful and also oh so good for you. Back in September, I snuck out to my dad’s house for a whole weekend. Not only is he great company but he is a fabulous cook. The man can throw anything together for an amazing dish and is often referred to as “The Iron Chef” by his friends.

For dinner the first night he made me a delicious root vegetable dish in his cast iron skillet, right on the grill.

His dish of parsnips, beets, potatoes, carrots, and tarragon alone looked fabulous. Last minute he threw in some amazing looking jumbo shrimp and I pretty much stuffed my face with it at dinner time.

The next day I pulled out the left over veggies from the fridge and some homemade hummus that I made. I took the cold vegetables and dipped them in hummus for an amazing snack.

I came home completely motivated to do something similar, especially with using tarragon, and came up with a nice side dish that I could prep and throw in the oven.

Roasted Root Vegetables (with chicken or turkey optional)


6 beets peeled and quartered

2 parsnips peeled and quartered

3 stalks of celery chopped

6 carrots peeled

8 medium sized potatoes, peeled and quartered

4-6 sprigs of tarragon

*Optional Whole Chicken or Turkey, Sprinkle bird with paprika, kosher salt, and pepper to your liking.


Preheat oven to 350 °F. Peel and chop vegetables. Place all ingredients in a large roasting pan with lid.

I made mine with a whole chicken and centered it over the vegetables:

OPTION ONE: If you are just roasting the veggies, I would say to check the vegetables after 30-45 minutes for doneness.

OPTION TWO: If you are indeed making this recipe with a chicken: A good rule of thumb is, for a 4-5 lb chicken you will let it cook roughly 2 hours but make sure that the internal temperature reaches 165 °F.

Let your bird rest and serve up for a complete meal or add Jillian’s Butternut Squash Muffins or Becky’s gluten-free/dairy-free Tomato-Basil Jam and Cornbread Muffins for a winning combination!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    I love roasted root veggies, and I particularly love adding beets because they make everything else so pretty!

  2. I love the first image. Those fresh veggies look yummy! And the use of tarragon is simply brilliant. Another lovely post!

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