{Swap Time} October Here We Come!

Editor’s Note: We thought it would be fun that for future swap {recaps} we will rely on YOU, the swappers out there who make these two swaps a month so inspiring, creative and fun! First up, Saratoga Swapper Jess from the blog, Wanderlusted. She attended her first swap this past September at our Saratoga Springs location. The original post can be found here. Her kick-bleep Halloween Candy Corn Cakes in a Jar swap items she brought can be found here. At the end of the recap will be the links to the October tickets- Take it away Jess! -Christina
Candy Corn Cakes in a Jar!

So the From Scratch Club is pretty much my new favorite thing ever. It’s so awesome when you meet people who have similar interests, right? The premise of the From Scratch Club is that duh, you make everything from scratch. And it’s awesome. I had no idea it existed until someone (specifically, Ms. Renee McAllister of Almost Foodies) posted about it. At that moment I immediately jumped on their band wagon (just like in the Oregon Trail, where you make everything from scratch and then die of dysentery!).

I couldn’t make it to the Albany swap (where I’d probably know a lot of people), so I went to the Saratoga swap (which is fine, because honestly I like Saratoga a lot better than Albany). After getting lost for a while I finally found the swap location, which was *gasp* in a yarn store. Seriously, are these people trying to kill me?

Here is Christina explaining the evening ahead...
peach jam & homemade bread

These people are freaking serious about their swaps! I was SO out classed. And I make a mean cake, so that is really saying something. The most insane and delicious foods were there (thankfully there was a tasting portion to the evening). People brought raw honey, hard cider, infused vodkas, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice pop overs, pizza dough and sauce, a hundred different kinds of jam, breads, spreads, granola, cupcakes, a pie or two and the list goes on and on!

Christina's GF fruit-infused vodkas and GF Vanilla Extract

People were even fancy pants about their displays. It was like looking at an Anthropologie storefront. Apparently it’s all about making your food look sexy.

Serious Tablescaping

And here is the best part – my booty! I brought home some amazingly delicious granola with pecans and home made yogurt covered raisins, an awesome baguette (which I have been enjoying with my most favorite pepper Boursin cheese), apple butter, cheddar cheese biscuits, Kahlua, rhubarb jam and a kombucha tea starter. 

My cat, Lux, is liking the loot!
My loot #2

Seriously, my cake was not up to par. I’m already brain storming as to what to bring to the next swap in October. I’m hoping to learn to can by then – I saw/tasted some pickled green tomatoes that were totally awesome that I’d love to make. I’m thinking I can bring some fried apples, a coconut pumpkin pie, and….I just don’t know! Suggestions? What snazzy sh*t can I come up with?



Sunday, October 16th
Sage-Femme Midwifery, 258 Hackett Blvd. Albany, NY


Wednesday, October 18th
Common Thread Saratoga, 55 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

*Please note there is a new ticket policy for both swaps. You must agree to the terms to sign up for swap.

**Due to the upcoming holidays in November & December our swap dates have been changed:
NOVEMBER: Wednesday, November 9th and Sunday, November 13th
DECEMBER: Sunday, December 4th and Wednesday, December 7th


4 Comments Add yours

  1. HD says:

    Is that address correct for the Albany swap? They have an office on Madison Avenue.

    1. Christina says:

      It is correct. They have moved. Their facebook page confirms the correct address, plus I’ve been there to view the space before I booked it for the swap. Thanks for checking!!! Here’s their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sage-Femme-Midwifery/112445292113544?sk=info

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