{events} Kate Payne Visits the Farm

EDITOR’S NOTE: Author, blogger and From Scratch Club’s inspirational springboard, Kate Payne, was in town last Wednesday and Thursday for a handful of book tour events. We will be recapping these events over the weekend, but first up, Erika will share a special {FSC Field Trip} to Kilpatrick Family Farm she organized. The FSC ladies (and kiddos) and Ms. Payne headed to Middle Granville, NY (Washington County) for an intimate tour and lunch with the Kilpatricks and the farm crew. Speaking of farm crew… I couldn’t go as I was home-delivering CSA shares…ironic. Take away Erika! -Christina

Last week Kate Payne was back in town and was kind enough to come for a tour of Kilpatrick Family Farm. I know Michael was excited to show her around but I tend to go a little “Martha” when it comes to entertaining so I think I may have been more excited.

I got to the farm at 9 and promptly helped Michael’s mom and two of his sisters with food prep. We were going to do a salad bar with chicken and veg from the farm. We also had hopes of raspberry picking so we could top them with fresh whipped cream from Elizabeth’s cow for dessert but it was pouring rain, so we skipped it.

Mrs. Kilpatrick made some delicious gluten free bread and Liz brought yummy, homemade gluten free brownies. In a panic, Elizabeth and her friend decided to make extra goodies for dessert since the raspberries weren’t going to happen. They made these super chocolately bars filled with walnuts. Yummmm. While the first leg of the tour was happening, everything was set out beautifully. Seriously it was like the buffet at a Vegas casino except super healthy and local.

{Michael Kilpatrick showing Kate a growing turkey}

The tour started (in the rain with many adorable kids in tow) by checking out the small (but getting bigger each day!) turkeys. They adored Kate and were generally pretty funny to watch. Next we went into both greenhouses and Michael explained various crops and showed us the transplants. At this point Michael had to leave so I took the group on to see the goats (who were hiding from the rain) and the pigs (who didn’t mind the rain but were confused as to why we weren’t feeding them).

We came inside, peeled off the wet clothing, and loaded our plates. Hot tea was served and there were so many of us that will filled two rooms. It was really lovely. The food was good and it almost felt like Thanksgiving dinner. That sounds super corny, but it’s true. We were all laughing and stuffing our faces and oooohhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing over Hannah’s goat cheese and the jalapeno jelly the girls had made.

Seriously guys....where's the food?

After the meal Michael took Kate, Jillian, and Deanna to the Granville field {the location of the “Irene” crop damage} while Liz and I stayed behind to clean up. Meanwhile, the girls had all the kids in the side room and they were playing silly games  and reading stories. Liz and I got to chat with Mrs. Kilpatrick, which is something I always look forward to when I’m on the farm.

Liz, Michael, Jillian, Deanna, Me & Kate

The crew returned, we took some photos, and then we got in our vehicles to head out. It was so wonderful that everyone was able to come for so far away for just a few hours. I can’t wait for the next time that Kate comes to town!

REMINDER: We have a fundraiser happening right now to assist Denison Farm & Kilpatrick Family Farm with their substantial crop loss.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a super day it was! I’m so lucky I got to participate. Thanks to Erika and the Kilpatrick crew for the uber-fabulous day (I took lots of pictures, and keep going back to the picture on my Blackberry of my loaded-up plate of deliciousness. Seriously, I’m drooling thinking about the rice bread/goat cheese/pepper jelly combo). Thanks again!

  2. Kate says:

    Yaay! I had such a great time. Thanks Erika and the entire crew of Kilpatricks for making our day so delightful.

  3. Erika T. says:

    I’m glad you both had a wonderful time!

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