{FSC Field Trips} Is U-Pick the new Coffee Talk?

The beautiful view at Winney's. So many rows and rows of berry bushes.

A few weeks ago Christina and I went out to Winney’s Farm to pick blueberries. Liz came to meet us with her adorable kiddos. We only spent an hour there but I was able to get several quarts of blueberries.

The last bit of blueberries that didn't become jam. Cold, straight from the fridge and about to be eaten with yogurt.

More recently we took an FSC outing to Fix Brothers Farms to pick peaches. I ended up with 15 pounds of peaches and nectarines. The day was sweltering hot and humid but many of us made the trek down to Hudson, since local peaches are hard to come by in these parts.

Crossing a beautiful bridge on the way to Fix Bros. Farm.

Both of these excursions with like-minded ladies made me ask the question, “Could U-Pick trips like these be the new version of coffee with the girls?”

There are two things I really love and those are gabbing with friends and drinking coffee. I will never get tired of meetups at coffee shops for some caffeine and good conversation. However, I also like to get outdoors and and be productive with my time. U-pick outings are the perfect combination of all of these things.

Christina taking a picture of the Fix Bros. sign was we were leaving.

At Winney’s, although we were working quickly, it was so nice soaking up some sun and discussing all the current things in our lives. I felt like I was getting a lot accomplished in the short time while my son was at day camp. The summer months are so busy anyway, I have to try and squeeze these projects in whenever I can.

Last up for the year will be raspberries and then apples. Hopefully we get to do another group picking session. If you get the chance I highly recommend getting your friends together for some U-pick gabbing fun!


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  1. honestly, fruit picking could be one of my all time favorite things to do….. oh and dont forget pears….they are ready early September!!!!

    1. Erika T. says:

      I always forget about pears! I love picking large fruit because Jack doesn’t get burned out since it goes so much faster.

  2. suzanne says:

    I think U-pick outings are maybe (just maybe) even better than coffee dates! Went blueberry picking several times this year, as well as strawberry picking & despite extreme heat or weird summer chill here in Portland, the day spent this way is so satisfying. Pears, quince, & persimmons, as well as apples will be coming along soon..& don’t forget pumpkins!

  3. Courtney Curtis says:

    I’m spending some time in Western NY with my mom and just picked 12 lbs of peaches today with my daughter. It was a great activity….easy picking, quick, good sun/scenery and delicious bounty! I too love a productive day outside! One recipe I have my eyes on is a peach leather (fruit roll-up). Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Erika T. says:

    I used some of my peaches for a fruit leather! I put them in my food processor with some melon and added 2 soup spoons full of frozen juice concentrate. When it was pureed I put it on the special sheets for fruit leather for the dehydrator. It was fantastic!

  5. Erika, great post! I just made fruit leather out of peaches, too: http://goo.gl/nVv6L Great minds!

    Honestly, I prefer to just focus in on picking and go it solo. I did take my 2yo picking for strawberries this year, and she really enjoyed it, so maybe she’ll be my picking buddy from now on.

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