{competition} Brown Betty Farm at The Altamont Fair

FSC Contributor, Liz and her flock of five lambs, sheep and a ram, as Brown Betty Farm took the Altamont Fair’s Sheep Shows by storm by snatching multiple blue and yellow ribbons on her Altamont Fair debut. Its been a week-long affair, in the fair’s sheep barn, where she’s managed taking care of and showing her beautiful flock while also living her day-to-day life of jobs, children and home. (She’s inspiring)

As Liz’ explained in her introductory post for FSC, raising sheep has become a passion since interning at the Foster Sheep Farm after seeing sheep shearing at the Saratoga Farmers Market a little over a year ago. Right now Brown Betty Farm is a hobby, but with her passion, dedication and hard work, shown with her very successful showing at the fair (amazingly flock!), I know she will be taking the farm to greater heights, and growing it on a professional level in the near future.

Wednesday was the all-day open sheep show, which Liz participated in. I will let Liz tell you a little about the competitions and the outcome:

“The lambs (Daphne, Daegan and Dandelion) did well and the most notable opportunity for improvement in consistency of fleece, which is something we are addressing with our new ram Harvey. Also, as these lambs grow into yearlings their fleeces will evolve, and I am looking forward to seeing how they mature. Harvey, our nine month old ram also did really well. He had no competition in his senior lamb class but took grand champion natural colored ram against all the other natural colored rams which was pretty exciting given the quality of his competition.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Chloe was really our star. She took first in her class (natural colored yearling ewe) AND grand champion natural colored ewe… AND grand champion ewe out of all the wool ewes in the show!!

I was shocked and thrilled! I have loved her fleece/body/style since I got her as a lamb but you just never know how a judge will feel- apparently she was a favorite today which is just fine with me. Chloe was also placed in the top three for best fleece in show, although she wasn’t chosen as the winner she did pretty awesome!”

Amazing right? I was disappointed to have missed out Wednesday’s show so I didn’t want to miss Saturday night as it was the final show that Liz was entering, the Ladies’ and Gentleman’s Lead Line. So I grabbed Miles, my camera, some “safe food” (fair food is NOT a great choice for the food allergic- ha!) and got in the car, grabbed my parents on the way, and off we went on the hour drive to the Altamont Fair.

After sitting in fair traffic, Miles & I races to the sheep barn and got there just as Liz was about to “go in stage”. I have casually watched these shows before at past fairs, but I’ve never known anyone competing or showing. As I am competitive by nature, I totally loved every minute of it and was ready to start the wave. Next time I’m bringing a “Brown Betty Farm” foam finger.

So Liz & her sheep, 1-year-old sheep, Chloe, entered The Ladies’ and Gentle’s Lead Line, here’s the details:

This lot is designed to illustrate how important wool is as a garment. It is a fashion show of wool worn by the contestant contrasting with the live wearable fiber! Please be prepared to present yourself and your animal with an oral description, explaining what you are wearing, its construction technique, etc. We are looking for a complete look – that is, if you are presenting a dress-up ensemble, be sure your shoes and other accessories complement your outfit. 

• Leader must be wearing one article that is 100% wool. It does not have to be handspun or hand knit. Bonus points will be awarded for garments that are handspun or handmade. • Wool accessories for sheep are optional.
• Leader does not have to own sheep.
• Halter and lead line are required.
• Exhibitors will be prepared to introduce themselves and describe their garments.”
(text from the entrance pamphlet for competitors) 

She had on a lovely handmade dress & clip-on flower hair bow and Chloe, her super star sheep, had on the same clip-on hair bow all made of wool. Somehow in the heat & humidity, Liz and Chloe looked great! I would’ve been pissy and sweaty, but not Liz, she carried herself, and lead Chloe, like a pro. She led Chloe around the show area, introduced her garments, and then set Chloe next to the other participants.


the winners were announced.

Liz and Chloe: 1st Place – Blue Ribbon! WOO HOO!

Don’t the ladies look totally lovely?! Amazing!

Congratulations to Brown Betty Farm!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    I don’t think leadline has ever before sounded so glamorous! Thank you so much Chris for coming and for all the compliments to Brown Betty Farm!

  2. Christine says:

    Liz, you are such a ROCKSTAR. Seriously. I am proud to say that I know a blue-ribbon champion. You and the ladies look awesome in the photos. Congrats!

    For the record, I would like to order a Brown Betty Farm foam finger. Also a t-shirt. I am ready to enter the world of competitive sheep show spectating.

  3. Liz says:

    I’ll get to work in the foam fingers, t-shirts and other fan gear. There is a small chance BBF will be making an appearance at the NYS sheep & wool festival in Rhinebeck this October, but in all honesty this week put me through the ringer so I’m on the fence about another show this year. I’ll keep you posted!

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