{FSC SWAPPERS} Swap Time is Here Again.

Swap Loot Albany

Before I announce that the free ticket “sales” are live (Hint Hint: Albany Swappers go here and Saratoga Swappers go here) I need to recap July’s swaps.

Yep. I said swapssss because we began the FSC Swappers:ALB food swap on Sunday, July 17th at All Good Bakers on Quail Street in Albany, NY. Let me tell you, Albany swappin’ peeps were ready to get their swap-on as the tickets sold out a little over 48 hours. I was shocked and excited. And a little nervous. Truth be told, the Capital Region is a smallish yet expansive region (confused?) so I wasn’t sure how the area would do with two swaps a month. Oh yes, yes the area can handle it.

Albany swappers came in full-force and frankly, I was impressed because for the most part they were strangers to me and our blog’s contributors. This is a good thing. This means that friends or friends of friends weren’t dragged to an event, but serious swappers looking for a place to swap & talk “shop”. Conversation was had, nosh was eaten, and a community of swappers was born. Some extremely cool community food peeps were representin’ like Sarah, owner of Farmie Market (farm to your doorstep delivery service) and Leah from Noshing Confessions, Becky from The Mixing Bowl Diaries made the switch from Saratoga to the Albany swap, Heather F, and then a large showing of FSC Contributors: Christine, Deanna, Liz, Sarah F and Erica G. Truth be told, Albany resident Christine (remember her kick-ass 40 square foot kitchen? its in Albany!) will be taking the reins of the Albany swaps in a month or so. We were also honored to have soup swap maven Renee of Almost Foodies shoot the excitement for us, her photos can be seen here and in our open From Scratch Club Flickr Group (Join and add your pictures for either FSC-related events or your own food club in your area Come one come all!)

The location. What is there to say about Britin & Nick at All Good Bakers? They put on an expansive spread of dinner and dessert samplings. Their amazingly diverse and delicious spread was even more amazing by the sheer fact that they had just come off their jam-packed weekend of bakery hours and farmers markets. Even though people were there to trade their homemade goods, Britin & Nick were open to have such an event at their place and also share their food. The truest farm-to-bakery business in the area, they out did themselves and made us all welcome and invited. We had an additional treat at the swap, a raffle of one of Nick’s sourdough starters!

As for the loot there was a range of garden/chicken coop goodies to humus to canned goods to lots & lots of heart-stopping baked goodies from Alex’s dark chocolate pecan pie to Becky’s unbelievable smores whoopie pies to Sarah’s family farm grass-fed beef products (I got the livers- woot woot!). It was a good first showing and I think people left with lots of ideas and hopefully got them excited for the next one!

With all that said, Albany’s August Food Swap will be at All Good Bakers, 160A Quail Street 4-6pm on Sunday, August 21st. We have 25 tickets available on Eventbrite.

Now, onto the sticky, hot-mess of an evening at Common Thread Saratoga on Wednesday, July 20th. Boy, it was a very hot day and evening (mid-heatwave) and boy did I need to supply non-alcoholic drinks… and did I? nope. Because I forgot and because in all honesty, no one drank anything non-alcoholic in June. So it was Christine’s gigantic cooler of sangria and beer and wine and bubbly and a bunch of almost passed out swappers… It was a big mistake, here’s my apology and I won’t do it again because frankly, I was dying and so was everyone else.

Now that my mistake has been disclosed let’s talk birthdays. It was Common Thread Saratoga owner Ashley’s birthday, so Liz made some (AMAZING) cupcakes, we sang we ate and bonded. That’s the cool part that is transpiring month after month, is a community is flourishing. Its a monthly meet & greet before serious swap time; I love it! People catch up about their last month’s ups & downs and then its game time.

I thought Albany would decrease our numbers but we had many, many new faces with the veterans and it was an awesome swap. The loot was extraordinary; personally, I think it keeps getting better & better and more diverse. There was truly something there for everyone. We had sour cream, pineapple curd, cucumber salad, peanut sauce, strawberry sauce, feta & avocado salsa, half-sours (me), garden loot (me- no one wanted my kale- FAIL), meals-to-go like Dianna’s Faux Chicken Mole, breads: pull apart bread, Jillian’s challah and Liz’s english muffin bread. It was a spread!

With all that said, Saratoga’s August Food Swap will be at Common Thread Saratoga, 55 Beekman Street 7:30-9:30pm on Wednesday, August 17th. We have 40 tickets available on Eventbrite.

*All photos are fro the Albany Swap!


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  1. Britin F. says:

    Ooo Ooo! We are stoked at AGB to get to host another Albany Food Swap w/ FSC! The last one was so much fun, my face hurt from smiling half way through. We were really excited to see several of our Community Supported Bakery members in attendance, as well as so many local food bloggers and new faces. Can’t wait to see the spread and who shows up this month! Thanks for the kind words about our food:) We have “grandma” syndrome…there’s no way could we host a party without providing sustenance! We were very happy to see it consumed & appreciated. Swap it up!

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