{RECIPE WEEK} Garlic Scapes Are Your Friend.

garlic scapes at the Kilpatrick Family Farm Stand

It became clear a few weeks back that the ladies of FSC love their garlic scapes. Recipes began appearing in the draft bin; pesto, tzaziki, infused oil and half-sours with scapes. We will spend the next four days exploring the magic of the green whirly scape, the stalk that shoots up out of the ground from a forming garlic head. It is removed so that the garlic can focus its energy into bulb growth.

Garlic scapes are one of my favorite ingredients as its flavor is of very mild garlic mixed with a touch of grass. I eat them in a dish pretty much daily. They are versatile; you can eat them raw, pickled or cooked. You use them just as you would garlic, as an aromatic in soups, fried rice, pasta sauces or chopped up raw in a salad or whirrled in a pesto.

Another wonderful thing about the scape is that they last a long time, relative to other produce. You can store them in a plastic baggie, in your crisper drawer, for MONTHS. That’s right, MONTHS. Finally, they are a cheap thrill. You can get them in bunches of 5 or 10 for under $2.

Have I convinced you of the garlic scape’s wonder? If not, that’s okay, we have four days and four garlic scape-focused recipes that I’m sure will do the job.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Looks good Christina. Nice to meet you Saturday at the market. Drop me a line.

  2. ~Beth says:

    It’s funny how at the Farmer’s Market some folks will sell you these by the handful cheap and some tie them up pretty and charge you a pretty penny. Get them while you can cus the window of opportunity is short. 🙂

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