{use it or lose it} My CSA Share Pizza

I don’t know how everyone else feels about their CSA shares, but I often feel overwhelmed.  When it all comes in, I’m so excited but that excitement quickly turns to panic as I try to determine how I am going to use all of the glorious veggies before they go bad!This is especially challenging as a single mom. There are only two of us to feed and my son frequently turns his nose up to the veggies.

Enter pizza.

Ah yes, many of the things that come in our weekly share can be put on a pizza or wrapped up in a calzone! I can say that I’m learning how to meal plan with my CSA share and, almost weekly, the plan includes a pizza of some type or another.

This week’s share from Denison Farm included hakurei turnips, broccoli, lettuce, sugar snap peas, parsley, Bok choy, Nappa cabbage and….. is that it?  Wow-Lots of green to use! I’m not gonna lie, last year I was new to the CSA gig and unfortunately some things went to waste.  I’m trying to prevent as much of this as possible this summer. I wanted to get to the turnips as they’re not something I eat often even though I do love them.  Whatever I decided to make I wanted to be sure and use the greens of the turnips as well.  This is where my pizza comes in! I decided to make a white pizza with garlic, turnip greens, broccoli, thin sliced hakureki turnips, black olives, and ricotta cheese.  Oh my heart as soon as I put it all together in my head I was hungry!

First step was that my turnip greens had already wilted some.  I chopped them off from the turnips and them put them in a bowl of ice water.  Within an hour or so they looked brand new, like this:

I chopped up the greens and threw them into a pan along with chopped broccoli, minced garlic, a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper.  I also added the turnips which I sliced paper-thin.  I sautéed everything together until it was softened but still a bit crunchy:

Next, I rolled out my pizza dough.  I spread a few tablespoons of olive oil on the crust.  Then sprinkled with garlic powder and oregano.  I place small dollops of ricotta cheese all over the pizza while the veggies were finishing sauteing in the pan.  One the veggies were done I spread them out on the top of the pizza.  I sprinkled with some fresh grated parmesan and then added black olives.  I am hard pressed to make a pizza without adding black olives.


I then put the pizza in the oven a 425 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Once it was done, I let it rest for about 5 minutes before digging in.  Delicious! How do you use up all of your delicate greens, etc before they go bad?


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  1. wendypchef says:

    When in doubt, freeze it or give it away 🙂 Your pizza looks great!

    1. Sarah F says:

      Thanks! The pizza was rockin’! I must say that this week I will have to share the love in order to use up all of the green goodness in my fridge. My friends so love it when that happens.

  2. Jax says:

    I had the same overwhelmed feeling this past weekend. Our fridge was packed with the CSA goodies, I have neglected to process them two weeks in a row. In the end I gave a bunch away so they would not go to waste. I just not have time to pickle or prepare for freezing. The pizza idea is great, your looks yummy. And another great use for the never ending supply of turnips!

    1. Sarah F says:

      I know, my intentions are always good in terms of pickling, freezing, etc. However, I can’t always follow through either! The pizza idea has helped me tremendously. Good luck with all your veggies!

  3. Daniel B. says:

    We do triage. Try to map out the week, use the most delicate things first, and hold onto the sturdier things until the end. Purees make short work out of things and consolidate a lot of space.

    As much as I like traditional pesto, we’ve been making a lot of “pesto” that could include interloping ingredients like scapes and parsley. Stir fry plays a big role, especially this week in using up our bok choy and broccoli. Loose leaf lettuce gets used before head lettuce, and simple salads are almost mandatory every night.

    Sturdier greens get braised, which means that if they get a little wilty, it’s not the end of the world. Kale is turned into kale chips. And turnips are braised and glazed.

    It’s totally overwhelming. But I enjoy trying to use it all up. Unfortunately I think I all too often rely on old standbys instead of venturing into more creative waters. But I’m working on that. Maybe it will be easier in the years to come when the kids are a bit older and I can have some more time and space for cooking.

  4. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I had rainbow chard yesterday that I needed to use up, so I went to the farmers market and to pick up my CSA share with veggie pizza in mind. I was not disappointed! Your version above sounded and looked so good, I made something very similar with the addition of some tomato and coosa (sp?) squash. YUM!

  5. Jillian says:

    Nice! I was just wondering what else to do with turnips besides salad or a sauteed side dish. I like your recipe!

  6. Jillian says:

    I am making this right now! Turnips, swiss chard and garlic fresh from the garden, ricotta from Price Chopper. Thanks!

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