{Springtime} Savory Local Scones

Triangles of bliss.

This week has been a week of scones. I’m not even halfway through it and I’ve had three different types of scones. I won’t even tell you the actual quantity I’ve consumed, because if I did you’d insist on driving me to the gym.

On Sunday night I decided that the next morning I would make both sweet and savory scones. I had been wanting scones for weeks now, and it was time. I usually make sweet scones though, using berries that I pick locally, so I was sort of at a loss for creating a savory scone.

Christina sent me this Savory Scones with Cheese & Spicy Squash recipe (which I absolutely have to make this coming fall when squash are back in my life) so I used the scone base, then substituted the 1 cup of spicy squash mix for a few things I had on hand.

I had just received ramps from Kilpatrick Family Farm at last Saturday’s market. I still had some green garlic left from the week before and wanted to use it as well. So I started to saute them in olive oil, when I remembered what my husband said earlier that day when I was telling him my plan….

How about ham and cheese?” Hmmmmm.

That could work, right? It’s already a popular flavor combo, I’m sure it could work in a savory scone too.

So, I diced up some ham and added it to the mix that was already on the stove and cooked it for just a few minutes. While that was happening I grated a 1/2 cup of Calico Cow Cheddar from Willow Marsh Farm and put the rest of the ingredients into a bowl.

I let the 1 cup of ramp, garlic, & ham mix cool before adding it to the bowl. I tossed in the grated cheese and got to work, mixing everything together with my hands. I rolled it out, cut it into 8 scones, brushed the tops with milk and then sprinkled on dried oregano and freshly ground black pepper.

Who's driving me to the gym?

Ok, here comes the best part. Make sure you have butter and a knife ready to go when those scones come out of the oven. The moment they are cool enough to handle, make a slit down the side of the scone (creating a tiny little pocket) and then fill it with butter. Start snacking immediately.

I would like to report that since these scones are a decent size I did the ladylike thing and just ate one and then left the kitchen. I did not. I kept sneaking glances as I walked by them. Eventually I just gave in and had a second one. It had to happen.

My husband was pleased as well, and was even kind enough to bring one to let his coworkers sample.

I’m officially in love with savory scones. I plan on coming up with all sorts of creations going forward. What are your favorite recipes for scones? What flavor combo should I try next?


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Celia says:

    Scones are the best! Some of my favorites are combinations:


    1. Christina says:

      Okay, seriously Celia- blackberry sage?! YUM! I should try the tomato basil too!

  2. corrina says:

    these look awesome, and i’ll happily testify that the sweet scones you made were totally bitchin’.

  3. Erika T. says:

    Thanks Corrie!

    Celia-all those combos sounds great. I just put some sage in my garden so I definitely need to try the blackberry sage!

  4. Christine says:

    Ooh savory scones, I never think to make those! A cheddar & chive combo would be good, or something with ricotta and veggies.

  5. I love savory scones, too! Have you tried roasted red pepper with a little Parmesan & broccoli rabe?? Um…can I just say I, too, have been known to NOT do ‘the ladylike thing’?! I’ve succumbed & happily eaten 2…

    1. Christina says:

      PSJ: The Red Pepper & Broccoli Raab combo sounds great. I can’t do Parm but I can use nutritional yeast instead with the combo. Yum. I’m getting so many good ideas from Erika’s post; the super-bonus of running a community blog!

  6. Erika T. says:

    Seriously, so many great ideas! Thank you ladies. I think I’m inspired now to do a rotating schedule of seasonal scones!

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