{weekend reading} NATIONAL EDITION

It’s the first beautiful weekend in months… Its been a very long winter and it seemed like spring would never arrive in Upstate NY. I’m keeping this roundup short & sweet. Happy Sunday! Happy Sunshine! Happy Springtime! -Christina

Dr. Marion Nestle tells us how to get involved in the 2012 Farm Bill. She also has an important post about fish from Japan and radioactivity.

Local blogger, Christine at  unspeakable visions, has a boozy pound cake. Yum.

Smitten Kitchen with french onion soup. I’m putting miso in mine.

Flying Pigs Farm has started a CSA Program for their rare heritage pork; one hub includes Albany!

Bittman is in Philly this week for his Opinionator post, he tours Food Trust. His blog, Cities, Soda Taxes and Obesity– lots of great link love!

In the ongoing saga of the “urban homesteading” trademarking controversy; a lawsuit has finally been filed to cancel the trademarking. Electronics Frontier Foundation has more.

Civil Eats has a great infographic showing where we, Americans, are eating our calories!

In oops-I-missed-this-post-news; an article in Scientific American from March 30th, about how America needs to stop using low-dose antibiotics in animal production.

According to the newswire, “The Agriculture Department proposed rules Tuesday that would force companies to delay shipments to consumers until government inspectors have released tests on the meat. The department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has inspectors in all meat plants that sample for E. coli and other contaminants.” More on Food Safety News, Wall Street Journal, and Obama Foodorama.

Oh Monsanto. Why are you sooooo….what’s the word I’m looking for?!?!  Tom Laskaway via GRIST reveals that Monsanto is heavily contributing (lobbying, funding, paying people off) money to help get that anti-agricultural whistleblower law passed. I have liked to the details of the crazy law in past {wr}… this criminal penal law would make it a FELONY to intentionally work at various large scale big ag or CAFO operation and blow the lid on their operations. There is also a version that would make it a crime to distribute the video (think YouTube, think Girst, think HuffPost) A good current example is Human Society’s recent expose on Smithfield’s horrifying abuses.

NYC might be the next city to do what San Francisco did and ban toys inside happy meals.

Marisa at Food In Jars with another not-to-be-missed Canning 101 post; how to get a lid unstuck.

I am making this: What Julia Ate has French Lentils with Onion and Preserved Lemons. Julia told me what to look for in my jar of preserved lemons as I have no idea when they are done (I asked her on Facebook) and they’re ready! Hurray!

My boss, Michael Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Family Farm was one of five organic farmers who were flown out to DC, by Organic Farming Research Foundation, to discuss the positive impacts of organic farming.

Finally, Comments Due by April 10th: Stop the Corporate Takeover of Organics. Cornucopia Institute has more information on what to do.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Celia says:

    Aren’t preserved lemons the best? And so easy to make!

  2. Julia says:

    Yay for preserved lemons! And yay for the Weekend Reading list (even though I might be a few days behind)!

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