{all good bakers} has exciting news to share!

My favorite Community Supported Bakery, All Good Bakers, are taking the leap! The talented husband-n-wife team, Nick and Britin, are opening a brick-n-mortar bakery to couple with their highly-successful community supported bakery program. I couldn’t be happier!!

Nick is truly a master baker and their commitment to use local ingredients, use sustainable methods, helping those in need and building a supportive community is impressive. They walk the walk.

People are so supportive of their plan that when Nick went to pick up his paycheck at his part-time baking gig at Honest Weight Food Co-op on Friday there was a money order for $1000 from an anonymous donor with a note saying:

“Be the best baker ever!”

A random act of kindness that will pay off not only for Nick & Britin and their sweet daughter Katie but also to the community they are setting up shop, the charities they donate to and to their loyal customers.

I will have a more in-depth update once the bakery opens. My intent here is to peak your interest for the pending opening next Friday or Saturday. They will need steady customers. Walk in, introduce yourself. Welcome them to the neighborhood; we want them around for a long, long time!

The Details

Address: 160A Quail Street, Albany, NY

Hours: Friday 11-6pm, Saturday 11-4pm, and Sunday 10-2pm (small brunch menu). They might expand their hours during the summer; depending on interest.

Phone: 518-463-1349

The rest of the post is DIRECTLY COPIED from their blog.

All Good Bakers will continue to offer the items Community Supported Bakery members and Delmar Farmers Market customers have come to crave like Upstate Bialys, Seasonal Wholegrain Muffins and Buttermilk Scones, Vegan Cinnamon Buns, Biscotti, Crispy Brown Rice Energy Treats, English Muffins and Rolls, as well as their 5 Daily Breads ($6.00 and $3.00 for 1.5 lb whole & .75 lb half loaves): Hearty Multigrain, Rustic Italian and Rye (all naturally vegan), and Whole Wheat and Spelt (with local organic honey), plus White and Whole Wheat Sourdough Baguettes ($3.00) and a limited variety of Specialty Loaves ($6.50, 1.5 lb).
They are excited to announce they’ll be adding Specialty Focaccia (by the slice or whole) topped with local produce and cheeses, as a new item to the roster.  On Sundays, they will be offer Handmade Croissants and Seasonal Quiche (by the slice), also made with fresh, local ingredients. Focaccia and Quiches will be priced seasonally.
Environmental Initiatives:
  • In an effort to reduce Albany’s carbon footprint, anyone who arrives at the shop without a car will be offered a 10% discount off his or her purchase.
  • Fair-trade, organic regular coffee will be served for $1.00; however, no paper cups will be used in their establishment to help reduce neighborhood and local landfill trash.  A few mugs will be provided in-house, but they encourage customers to “Bring Your Own Cup for a Buck”! Meadowbrook cream and whole milk, as well as WestSoy unsweetened organic Soymilk and Wholesome Sweeteners organic fair-trade raw sugar will be available.
  • Loaves will be wrapped in parchment instead of plastic, and handmade bread bags will be sold for a nominal price within a few weeks of opening.
  • They are partnering with local business, County Waste, for their waste management; they plan to recycle as much as possible to reduce landfill trash.  County Waste provides single stream recycling services at the Port of Albany.

Community Involvement:

  • Leftover bakery items will be donated to Albany Catholic Charities’ Mercy House Womens Shelter and Refugee Resettlement Program.  28 loaves have been sponsored so far by Community Supported Bakery shareholders, with at least 24 more expected by the end of April.
  • In an effort to give other small, local producers a commercial space to prepare their wares, AGB began sharing their kitchen in November 2010 with Alessandro Gerbini (“Gatherer’s Granola”).  A variety of Gatherer’s Granola will be available at the shop.  Nick & Britin will continue to support other small local producers with affordable, short-term kitchen rental, and have a few prospects for this in the works.
  • Nick & Britin also plan to work with other Pine Hills small business owners, residents and students to help make the area a more pleasant place to live. They have already formed relationships with Tom Genovese at The Sunspot Cafe and Anton Pasquill at Hudson River Coffee House.


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