{photo diary} Olive Oil CSA

I’ve mentioned my newest Community Supported Agriculture membership venture, olive oil, many times before. Two weeks ago I received a very exciting email from Luisa & Jody Somers, owners of Dancing Ewe Farm, that they had completed harvesting, processing and creating their 2010 season olive oil and my gallon was available for pick-up!


The only not-so-great-part; I had to drive the 40 minutes to the Troy Farmers Market because for some unknown reason Saratoga Farmers Market wouldn’t let them set up shop at the Winter Market. Boo. Hiss.

Do not get me wrong, Troy’s Farmers Market is fabulous; with their 60/40 split between farmers and value-added products, its an amazing shopping experience! I even got to visit with Frank from Sweet Tree Farm and pick-up some of his different bulk pork sausage (no casings- perfect for a pasta dish!) and Ginny from DreamPuff Marshmallows. YUM.

Luisa and Jody have agreed to an interview in the upcoming weeks as I want to know all the details from a tree on Luisa’s family property to market stand. I have never met an olive oil producer and know zip-zero-nothing about the process. More to come…


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  1. Celia says:

    Oh wow. I am so jealous! That looks amazing.

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