Seafood back in my life: Part Two

Inspired by my adventure with squid a couple weeks ago, this time back at the farmers market I sought to repeat the adventure but found that the fishmonger, Pura-Vida Fisheries had sold out of squid.  I bought scallops instead, which are more than twice the price of squid, but AMAZING.  I didn’t follow a recipe (just some advice from my mother who worships scallops and has been known to make an hour drive to buy some direct from the fisherman).  This week I learned that he fishes during the week and drives up to Troy & Saratoga Springs on Friday night to sell at the Saturday farmers markets.  He suggested eating the scallops raw, but I was too chicken and instead seared them at a high temperature.

For lunch I didn’t want to eat the scallops with a heavy load of pasta or rice.  I had also picked up some daikon radish from my Kilpatrick Family Farm CSA and was suddenly inspired to grate it and saute it with olive oil and garlic.  With some large pieces of bok choy, also sauteed in olive oil, this was a lovely lunch.  The radish off-set the flavor of the scallops perfectly.  Seriously, I’m proud of this little accomplishment.  My husband was impressed with me too.


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  1. Kim M. says:

    I generally don’t like scallops but you have made me seriously want to try your recipe! Well done!!!

    1. Alexis says:

      Thanks Kim. Maybe I’ll make them for you some time.

    2. Christina says:

      Kim, after Alexis raved about their scallops I purchased a half pound last Saturday… I can confirm they are AMAZING! Melt in your mouth amazing.

  2. Albany Jane says:

    I’ve been a bit hesitant on buying their scallops, but… they can be eaten raw?? I’m so in.

    BTW, seared scallops are sooo awesome. Looks good!

    1. Christina says:

      Albany Jane, they are seriously good. I seared them in a Vietnamese Braise (fish sauce/sugar/shallots caramel sauce.) I wanted more…they were soo tender and I cooked them a few days after I purchased them.

    2. Alexis says:

      I think if you were going to eat them raw I’d recommend having a good chat with the fisherman you buy from to be sure they are fresh enough. I’ve never actually eaten them raw, mostly because I think they taste so good seared in olive oil and butter!

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