{St. Patrick’s Day} in the spirit w/ guinness floats

Editor’s Note: For our last St. Patrick’s Day themed post, Alexis has a delicious way for the 21 & older crowd to get into the spirit of the holiday. – Christina

No better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the thousands-year-old Irish tradition of Guinness Floats!  Ok, so maybe the Irish haven’t been making these for centuries, but they are still delicious.  The first time I had a Guinness Float was at my 31st birthday party at a bar in New York City when some friends brought ice cream for the sole purpose of making Guinness floats.  They are the ideal combination of sweet with savory.  Of creamy with hop-py.

I recommend trying both vanilla and chocolate ice creams (although vanilla seems to be the favored flavor, given the creaminess it adds to the overall experience).  Fill a pint glass with Guinness (of course fresh draft stout is preferred, but I know most people don’t have that option at home) and add a scoop of ice cream.  Usually the float tastes better the more you’ve consumed of it, not just because of the intoxication effect, but because the ice cream blends more with the stout as you drink it.  The recipe for making Guinness floats is extremely simple, but I invite you to experiment with variations. This weekend, for example, we had them with Chinese food.  Perfection!


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  1. Ship's Cook says:

    Have tried many things with Guinness, but ice cream is a new one on me, but hey what the hell, let’s try it

  2. ZuckerGirl says:

    You DEFINITELY converted me! Yum!

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