{WNIMKW} seafood is back in my life again

Moving to northeastern New York a few years ago meant giving up easy access to the ocean.  For almost my entire life up until this sacrifice was made, I had an easy 45 minute trip to the ocean from where-ever I lived. I love the ocean at any time of the year and treasure memories of a two minute walk to the beach in the winter when I lived on the Cape more than fifteen years ago.  Along with feeling the sand between my toes came access to fresh seafood.  I found that once I moved to this area I have purchased far less seafood.  Buying seafood from a grocery store doesn’t appeal to me and I have yet to find a good seafood store around here.

Last week at the Saratoga Springs Farmers Market I encountered the addition of a fish monger from Long Island.  I purchased some fish, which I froze, and a pound of squid.  I made an easy saute of the squid and added it to a sort of vegetable stew.

The soup itself was made from a chicken broth I made that same weekend from a roasted chicken.  For the vegetable stew I added red lentils, brown rice, steamed chopped carrots, and chopped onions.  I sauteed the squid with some olive oil and a little white wine and then added it to the stew.  I wasn’t sure how the chicken stock would mix with the squid, but the overall flavor worked.  Squid has that creepy texture to it, especially in its tentacles (see photo above), but somehow this adds a level of fun for me.  Buried in the stew, you never knew what might end up on your spoon and this adds to the excitement.


Editor’s Note: What’s New in My Kitchen Wednesdays, is a weekly series where we weave a personal story with a review of a beloved or new “item” in our kitchen, in our glass or on our plate. Locally, Pura Vida Fisheries is also at the Troy Farmers Markets along with many NYC Greenmarkets. -Christina


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