{photo diary} Tap Your Own Maple Syrup

When Dianna told me she tapped her own syrup I almost knelt down and bowed to her urban homesteading greatness right there and then. When Dianna sent in her post on syruping hows to’s I knew I needed to watch it in action. I was lucky enough to catch Michael tapping the last two buckets for their 2011 syruping. I’m not going to lie, a part of me is tempted to run to the local Agway and buy a set of buckets & spiles and tap around the townhome community that we call home… I wonder if Dianna & Michael would let me bring some additional sap to the boil. -Christina

snagged this seminal book from their house  {SCORE!}

Michael & I started our walk, post-overnight snow, to the last tree tap of the season

On the way, Michael pointed out other trees he tapped in the neighborhood
{look closely}

Look very closely…dead center- BUCKETS! The rectangular mass to the left is the wood for the boil

Mother Gaia and more buckets!

tapped on Saturday…then snowfall on Saturday night

We in Upstate NY have 4+ foot snowbanks, so hence the “climbing shot”

Michael is drilling the holes close to the bottom part of exposed tree to compensate for snow melt.

Make sure you point the hook on your spiles outwards so you can hang that pretty bucket!

Hammering in the spiles (taps)

Hanging Buckets

Done…now to wait for the sap runs.

Part Two “The Boil” Coming in March…


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Celia says:

    So cool!

  2. This is so awesome! My in-laws spend the summer in the UP, right on the Canadian border. I wonder if my MIL ever did this when she was growing up there?

    Also, I will NEVER complain about the price of local syrup again – I buy two or three gallons every summer when we visit them.

  3. Kim (Elias's Mom) says:

    This has got to be just about one of the coolest points ever! What an amazingly cool idea to tap trees in town. This is a great urban homesteading ideas.

  4. Baye Easton says:

    I’m an AmeriCorps volunteer working at the Schuyler Ridge Nursing Home in Clifton Park. I found you because some of our residents wanted someone to come talk about maple syruping, and I’ve been searching the net looking for someone. If any of your maple tree tappers would be interested in coming to give a short talk some Monday morning, it would be much appreciated. They can email me at barbara.easton at setonhealth dot org. Thanks so much.

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