{weekend reading} NATIONAL EDITION

Let’s begin with what I hope is a weekly link- Bittman’s newest opinion & blog pieces. F-U-N! First up, Is “Eat Real Food” Unthinkable? Then his follow-up blog piece Beyond the Acronyms – he lists and discusses his sources, including giving major props to Dr. Marion Nestle… a major voice on this here weekly post.

Bittman is already making waves….The Pork Industry are pissed at him for his 1st column. Food Safety News reports.

Take a looksie at the 10 states with the worst (deadliest) eating habits. Via Yahoo

Agribusiness giant Syngenta AG has gotten approval from the US Department of Agriculture to grow a strain of corn that has been genetically modified to make the production of ethanol cheaper and more energy efficient. 24/7 Wall Street Reports.

On the topic of Ethanol, Tom Lastaway has a great article on Grist about how stupid ethanol production is. Word.

Speaking of grain issues, Paul Krugman has something to say via NYTimes.

Dr. Marion Nestle’s take on the study linking diet soda & strokes.

Ode to Japanese Coffee Makers for the Home on NY Times Dining Section.

Michael Pollen & Eric Schlosser talked food, together (very rare), for HUNDREDS of people at Los Angeles’ USC…and are treated like rockstars..which frankly, they are. The Village Voice of LA, LA Weekly reports.

Watch this crazy video of sushi made with water and some powdery stuff. Food in a box. Wow.

In the “Why” and the “Oye” category comes Pepsi’s new “skinny” can. CNN Money reports. AP via Huffington Post has an update story…the new can is stirring up controversy. No kidding.

Jane Black has an interesting follow-up story on The Atlantic about U.S. Foodservice and they cut in sponsorship of Jamie Oliver’s projects in Huntington, WVA..once the camera were gone so was the money.

The AP (via Huffington Post) has a story about the little known law in the massive S.510 Food Safety and Modernization Act. Whistleblower protection (hurray!!!)… Sadly, “the law only covers food businesses regulated by the FDA. Workers in the meatpacking and poultry industries, which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, remain unprotected.”

Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA, wrote a great piece in The Atlantic about President Obama & his punting on actual food policy leaving it up to “Walmart”…

The Washington Post has a History of the US Food Pyramid.

The Nut-Free Mom has a terrific commentary of The New Yorker piece on food allergies. (Unfortunately, you need a subscription to read the article. Here’s the link.)

Fast food chains and their religious leanings, CNN’s Eatocasy reports.

Why Alaska is Losing Their Fight with GM Salmon via BNET, a CBS site.

I don’t understand boxed mashed potatoes as they usually have a glue-like mouth feel plus there are usually little to no potatoes in the ingredients. Fooducate has a great “inside the label” post about Betty Crocker’s new “Loaded Mashed” made with 100% real potatoes.

Lastly, Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie has a food blog, Hog & Hominy: Culture, Travel and Tradition. His posts are short but very sweet. This month he has a great series, Black History Month for Foodies, and its not to be missed. Malcolm X. The Black Panthers. Maya Angelou. Michael Jackson and more. Fascinating reading.

more Valentine-inspired recipes…check out my recipe round-up on Friday for more!

Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies on Simply Recipes
Peanut Butter Banana Bread by Joy the Baker
Bittman’s Saffron Olive Oil Cookies
Wacky Cake Gluten-free style ( I sooooo needed this recipe- thank you!) by Art of Gluten-Free Baking
Gluten Free Baking has some AMAZING tricks to frosting cupcakes!!


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